Ukraine has already lost 2017 – Chairman of the Agrarian party of Ukraine

The Ukrainian government still has no clear vision of what will be 2017, so it country is already lost.

In an interview with the magazine “Kraina” said the Chairman of Agrarian party of Ukraine Vitaliy Skotsyk.

“Ukraine will be a very heavy 2017. Unfortunately, we’ve already lost him, because it is still not clear how it will develop. It is not clear what will be the tax system, in which direction will move the economy, what will GDP per capita and the purchasing power of every person or medical support”, – he said.

Skotsyk said that now the state budget for a single person laid 13,5 UAH for treatment per day.

“Can you imagine what will happen to regional hospitals, district and rural subordination, when they transferred all payments other than remuneration of labor of medical personnel. It’s now the local budget to feed people in hospitals”, – he stressed.

A big plus that this year’s budget resolution filed on time by September 15. There is time for discussion, added Skotsyk.

“On October 4 at the strike of farmers tried to stimulate the power to debate. Did not ask for subsidies, but only to perform, thanks to which Ukraine has become the second exporter of grain in the world, the first manufacturer of oil and the second producer of rapeseed. It was the same strategy. Why not use it”, – said the Chairman of the party.

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