Kravchuk: Ukraine with nuclear weapons is a monkey with a grenade



The Ukrainian authorities took an absolutely right decision by abandoning nuclear weapons, as Ukraine with nuclear weapons is a monkey with a grenade.
The statement was made in interview to the edition “Gordon” from Leonid Kravchuk, the first President of independent Ukraine. “Ukraine with nuclear weapons, did not have control systems, reproduction, and test was similar to the monkey who holds the grenade and pressed the alert. While she was told not to let the check, she pinched her, but she can bother to keep a check and will then cause a giant explosion. With nuclear weapons not to be trifled with,” said the former head of state. These words were the answer to the question of why Kravchuk initiated the renunciation of nuclear weapons.

Kravchuk also admitted that I never regretted this decision and knows that nuclear weapons cannot be used in Europe as a blow to any European country is a blow to himself. The former President recalled that in contrast to Siberia, Europe has a very compact size and it is densely populated region.

Source: GORDON

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