Why Ukrainians to feed deputies parasites

Judge for yourself. 1 snout vote for multiple deputies who receive a salary, benefits, vacation, etc., informs Kievrada. The Ukrainian Parliament costs the Ukrainians in more than a billion hryvnia per year.


The amount of money stolen by “people” scum ranges from 3 to 5 billion annually. Why keep these parasites, if you have one fuck#and from each batch.


Better to direct this money to the ATO veterans, the defenders of Ukraine, the needs of seniors, the disabled, orphans.

This is what idiocy happens. A poor country feeding parasites millionaires with which to sense 0!


For 3 years, these whores did nothing useful, except to steal the last from the Ukrainian people… And lately, even at work stopped going! – vozmuschaetsya journalist Vitaly Puzo.


No status, as they say, the distinguished MP for the meeting to go…




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