Why MPs over benefits “lose touch with reality”,-the expert


Providing parliamentarians in Ukraine any benefits is a relic of the Soviet Union.

This opinion was expressed by political expert Kirill Sazonov.

“I am opposed to any benefits. Because it is an attempt to be kind for others and to hide behind this little pay. Any person: a Deputy, a teacher, or a veteran — should be the normal salary. Then they do not need any benefits. People will decide for themselves where best to spend their money. In particular, privileges on payment of housing – it’s a relic, like everyone else,” he said.

The expert also said that the attitude of Ukrainians to the authorities is a key difference from the Russians.

“Ukrainians are not part of the Russian world, because we don’t always like the government, unlike the Russians, who the power of praise. It is our good trait. Hard to respond to all manifestations of material well-being of the elites. It does not allow them to relax. Believe me, and parties, and the majoritarian really cares about the issue of compensation, because they’re asking their voters,” said Sazonov.

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