Ukraine has risen in the ranking of competitive economies in the world


Research Institute SolAbility has published a report of Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index, which compares countries in terms of development and sustainability of their economies.

Each state received a certain number of points out of 100. In first place was Sweden, scored 60.9 points, the second to Norway from 59.4 points, the third – Finland with 56, 2 points.

Also in the top ten most competitive countries were Denmark, Iceland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ireland and Luxembourg. From countries of the former USSR, best rating Lithuania, it is in 18th place. Russia is 45th in the ranking (last year 33), Ukraine took the 64th place (in 2015 – 86).


The study was the rating of countries with the best tools to stimulate economic growth in the future.

A rating of SolAbility based on models of competitiveness, including the availability of natural capital, governance, intellectual capital, resources and social cohesion.

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