Ukraine asked the US for coal


It became known that Ukraine may start the purchase of anthracite coal in the United States


During the briefing the Minister of energy of Ukraine Igor Nasalik said that he wrote a letter to the state Department with a request “to help with the coal.” In his opinion, the delivery of American coal to Ukraine may reach 2.5 tons per year.

Thus, Ukraine will be able to cover their needs for anthracite coal by 50%.

“We have 4.7 million tonnes by 1 January 2018. The Contracting matter. We learned that we can supply from America, 2.5 million tons,” the Minister said.

Nasalik said that most of the generations began to enter into contracts for the supply of coal from South Africa, and other countries. First deliveries of the overseas coal is expected in may 2017.

When Ukraine will start prihodi American coal is currently unknown.

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