Turchinov told about the plans for future elections


Secretary of the national security Council and defense Oleksandr Turchynov said that he would not run for the next presidential election.

Turchinov also denied rumors that he would lead the staff of the current President in the upcoming presidential election.

“I was President, I did not like, you cannot sleep, huge load, so I don’t plan to participate as a candidate and don’t plan to lead any staff — any, I emphasize,” said he.

“Political headquarters have to deal with those who are involved in politics, the more I think of Peter I have already all planned out, he’s not the first campaign involved, and here’s another question — as the Bible says when the Kingdom is divided — it is doomed. That is, the power the team to compete. Because she can’t do the reforms, the economy, and only strife. The government must be unified,” — said Turchinov.

The next presidential elections to be held in March 2019, the Parliament – in October of the same year.

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