The opposition must vacate the House of trade unions

The protesters were refused by the Presidium of the Federation of trade unions of Ukraine (FPU) on a request to extend the lease of the House of trade unions for three months. The period specified by the previous agreement expired today.
In a statement quoted by UKRINFORM, said that during the meeting of the Presidium of the FPU considered the question of expediency of further stay in the House of trade unions of opposition forces. In the end it was decided to refuse to participants of Euromaidan in extending the lease. Until December 30, activists will be forced to leave the room, then the building will be sanitized.
If the opposition refuse to leave the House of trade unions, members of the FPU will have to enlist the help of law enforcement, the report said.
Recall that FPU and Stepan Kubiv has concluded a contract under which a portion of said building was leased by the opposition. 25 December term of the arrangement expired. On the eve of the representatives of the protest movement appealed to the administration of the FPA to extend the lease for 3 months.

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