The Ministry of justice have a plan to pay Gazprom $ 2.6 billion


The Ministry of justice of Ukraine has developed a plan, which plans to charge Russia’s Gazprom $ 2.6 billion by the decision of the Stockholm arbitration.

About this story the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko on air of one of TV channels.

The Minister reminded that Ukraine had already sought to Gazprom 100 million hryvnia in the state budget.

“With regard to assets on the territory of other countries, we have a plan that I’m not going to name because it’s supposed to be a surprise for the debtor,” – said Petrenko.

As reported, 28 February the Stockholm arbitration court satisfied the claim of Naftogaz of compensation for undelivered Gazprom volumes of gas for transit.

According to the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, Naftogaz made a payment in the amount of 4.63 billion dollars for failure to supply Gazprom agreed amounts of gas for transit. According to the results of two arbitration proceedings in Stockholm Gazprom to pay 2.56 billion dollars in favor of Naftogaz.

Later it became known that “Gazprom” has filed an appeal against the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the gas supply at the hearing on the transit of the appeal will be filed before the end of March 2018.

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