The main theses of the speech of Valeria Gontareva

The main theses of the speech of Valeria Gontareva:

“As promised, I inform you about my resignation in advance – a month. I have always said that I would not work in the National Bank period of seven years. I have always been very naive when he said that we can do in one year. If nationalization “PrivatBank” we would have done in December last year, and, for example, in early 2016, I could go before, because the reform made. Mission accomplished. I consider my mission fully accomplished, so don’t need to hear any more insinuations. They are not there. Our team, our team knew about it.”

“Not going to happen changes in the policies of the Central Bank. The immutability of the chosen path – the key to the success of our country and support of our international partners. The national Bank will continue consistent implementation of the policy that you saw in the course of my presidency”.

“My mission is complete. First, the country moved to a flexible exchange rate and the beginning of the new monetary policy of inflation targeting. Secondly, cleared the banking system from insolvent banks hard and its sustainability for the future. Thirdly, completely transformed national Bank, rebuilt all the processes and now our Central Bank is a powerful modern institution”.

“I’m sure that for the entire financial system for its further growth, continuity is very important and the preservation policy of the Central Bank. The national Bank out of politics. This is the norm and standard for all developed countries, which wants to become Ukraine. The Central Bank must remain independent.”

“The President said three months ago that I see a possible candidate. So today we will have no speculation on my part. I recommendations provided. I have already suggested to the President several candidates of his possible successor. This decision of the President, which candidate he will submit to the Verkhovna Rada. Let’s wait for his decision. I hope it will be soon”.

“You know, if all public authorities have carried out reforms like the national Bank, now our country would be on absolutely other qualitative level of development.”

“Now it is hard for me to even think about a new job. The negative, which was against me the last three years, it is necessary as-that to survive. I want the next few months to spend with his family. And then, maybe, I’ll decide what I’m going to do.”

Recall that Gontareva became the head of the NBU on 19 June 2014. She is also the Manager of Ukraine in the International monetary Fund, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of German-Ukrainian Fund, the Chairman of the Board of corporate non-state pension Fund of the National Bank of Ukraine read More here:

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