The interior Ministry and SBU carried out on the Ukrainian border, a special operation

Today on the Ukrainian border with Russia, began the operation “Border”, which involves the Ministry of internal Affairs and the security Service. The events are aimed to prevent entry into the country of persons who can take part in extremist rallies, to transport weapons, explosives and ammunition.
As the press service of the State border service, used special equipment and personnel reserves – the mobile units and training centres.
It is also reported that in the Crimea, despite the attempts of Russian troops to carry out provocations and seize control of the border, the Ukrainian border guards continue to guard the border and to perform their duties.
In the Border service said that the Russian fighters use blackmail, and moral pressure, block controls, threatening and trying to bribe the Ukrainian military, but those without making a single step back, continue to guard the state border. Also says that management control of the border images work as expected, although there is damage to communication lines.
Currently, redeployment, and most of the border guard officials volunteered to continue to serve. The Ministry claimed that the military operating in Crimea under contract, yet provided with all necessary.

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