The dollar gained in value by nearly 14 cents

The selling rate of cash dollar in exchange offices of the Kiev banks as of 9:30 Thursday, 30 August, increased from August 29 at 13.56 MHz 28,2713 kopecks to UAH/USD, buying rate – by 11.51 27,9416 kopecks to UAH/USD. It is reported.

The average rate of buying the Euro rose by 9.08 32,3647 kopecks to UAH/EUR, the selling rate has increased by 16.51 33,0884 kopecks to UAH/EUR.

Earlier, the national Bank explained the growth of the dollar since mid-summer, not in August or September as in previous years.

Recall the dollar on the interbank market in the sale of 13:51 on 29 August compared with the close of the previous session rose by 10 cents to 28.13 per dollar, the rate was up to 28.11 per dollar.

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