Teteruk: the Bill of national security will appear in Parliament before the end of the week


The bill on national security and defence of Ukraine can register up to the end of the week.

The forecast on Sunday in the program “Tomorrow” (joint project of “Radio Liberty” and TV channel “112 Ukraine”) announced the MP of Ukraine, member of the Committee on national security and defense Andrew Teeruk

“I am absolutely sure that next week it will be signed and sent to Parliament, and all MPs who care about the state of the national security and defense, will be able to carefully study” – said Teteruk.

“This will help in the next week, we will work in Parliament to make it into the agenda and to vote in the first reading,” he added.

“No one is forcing Ukraine to adopt this bill. The truth is that the bill is developed by our professionals in close cooperation with Western partners. It is natural that such large-scale laws at the level of development, we coordinate with our main allies: the US and the EU”, – said the MP.

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