Saakashvili spoke about his vytvoreni in Poland


The leader of the party the movement of new forces Michael Saakashvili called from Warsaw to my colleagues in Kiev’s Borispol airport, told his version of detention and deportation in Poland.

Sootvetstvuyushie video published on the page politically in Facebook.

“In the cafe burst, put in beads. They tried to close my eyes and linked hands. Put him on a plane, which circled in Kiev. Landed in Borispol, then drove the plane, tied his hands and roughly planted on it”, – Saakashvili said.

He added that he considers such actions of the Ukrainian authorities a manifestation of “extreme weakness and abject cowardice”.

“The criminal case against me is complete nonsense, there is no coup, that I supposedly had committed”, he said.

Saakashvili also considers that such actions confirm that the criminal case in Georgia against him – also falsified, so he was not extradited to Georgia, and expelled to Poland. He called to respond to such actions, “truth and power of the spirit.”


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