Problems at the Russian customs caused by the bad weather regions

Problems at the Russian customs reported by the carriers caused by the snowfall. Such opinion in interview to “Commander in chief” stated Vladimir Mysyk, representing the Party of regions. The MP is convinced that the difficulty in transportation of Ukrainian goods across the border cannot be interpreted as the reaction of the Russian authorities on the resignation of Mykola Azarov.
“Just the route Kharkov – Rostov, which in Russia is 90% of the products is due to snow and ice,” said the MP, noting that truckers are to blame for the formation of the congestion, because they did not obey and, despite warnings about bad weather still left. “There was no pressure,” the MP said, claiming also that the actions of the customs of the Russian Federation is “their job”.
Mysyk said that he personally called border points and found out the tube was formed due to bad weather.
Earlier, truckers have reported changes in the procedure of customs control: now Ukrainian goods subject to a more thorough screening process with the unloading of all the goods, weighing and checking with certificates, writes “Commander in chief”.

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