Poroshenko expressed support for the sovereignty of Georgia


The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in day of the 10-year anniversary of the beginning of Russian aggression against Georgia expressed support for the country’s sovereignty.

“On this day we Express our sincere support and solidarity with our friends in Georgia. Exactly ten years ago, the Russian aggressive machine decided to reveal his true self. The daring aggression of Moscow against Tbilisi was a demonstration demonstration of the world community that the Kremlin is no longer going to live by the rules of good neighbourliness and respect for international law”, – wrote Poroshenko in Facebook.


He pointed out that for Moscow more close are the Imperial ambitions and “eternal attraction to the seizure of foreign territories”.

The President also noted that joint efforts will be able to stop the aggression of Russia against Ukraine and Georgia.

“Joint actions, our unity and solidarity we will force the Kremlin to stop the aggression, to respect international law and restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Georgia”, – said Poroshenko.

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