Omeljan: Ryanair can go to Ukraine until the end of winter


Negotiations with Ryanair are in the final stages. The arrival of the company on the Ukrainian market may occur in January-February 2018.

This was stated by the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian the TV channel ZIK, reports UKRINFORM.

“With Ryanair we already in the final stage of negotiations. I hope it’s coming in Jan-Feb. There are technical issues that we are completing, but on the whole good. We have not had concessions, in comparison with those that we had last year,” – said the Minister.

He noticed that in fact, in 2017, the negotiations with Ryanair were very easy but were very strong attempts to disrupt them.

“I’m sorry that last year they stopped, because the Ukrainians since September 2017 could absolutely cheap to fly in the EU as from Lviv and Kiev. I believe 2018 will be the year the lowcost. I am convinced that this and other companies will fly to and from Ukraine because this is not only convenient for the Ukrainians, it is convenient for foreign tourist who will fly and leave their money,” said Omeljan.

Earlier the Minister informed that the talks Ryanair and “Borispol” at the final stage.

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