Nye: the Government has refused an independent Service firesleeve


The government is delaying the establishment of an independent financial investigation Service and can’t stand the bill for consideration by Verhovnoi Happy.

About it writes the people’s Deputy from BPP Mustafa Nayem in his blog.


“More than a year ago Volodymyr Groysman asked the Finance Ministry to prepare a draft law on financial investigation Service, which would be consistent with our international obligations, in particular the Memorandum with the IMF,” – said the MP.

In particular, he published a response to the Ministry of Finance to the Deputy’s appeal, which States that the project was approved by the government on 22 March 2017 and March 29 – sent for consideration to the National Council of reforms.

“I note that such a procedure is not envisaged by any laws. The Council is solely Advisory Oran, which has no authority to do an audit of the acts and bills of the Cabinet of Ministers”, – Nayem writes.

According to him, the national Council of “ignoring the initiative of the government,” because, as reported in the Ministry of Finance, he could not stand the draft for consideration at the meeting.

The response of the Ministry also notes that there were twice submitted a draft to the Cabinet for submission to the Rada, and on March 19 sent a letter to the government, which noted the need for such application.

“What are supposed to do in this situation, the Prime Minister? Obviously, to go in his plan – to send the bill to the Parliament and there to defend its position”, – Nayem writes.

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