New competition on auditor NABOO: moved 5 candidates


In a new contest for the post of auditor of NABOO, which holds the Verkhovna Rada, moved five candidates. Among them human rights activist and lawyer from Israel, a former U.S. attorney and two retired.

About it reports “Center of counteraction of corruption” with reference to the published list of candidates on the website of the Committee on preventing and combating corruption.

For the post of auditor NABU expect Valery Neboga, Yuri Linenko, Vladimir Vasilenko, Vadim Melamed and Tom Firestone.

Valery Neboga – retired in 2015 participated in the contest for the position of Director of NABOO, and later served on various positions from investigator to head of the Department.

2017 applied to the position of auditor of NABOO from Parliament, but his application, in the opinion of the Committee, did not meet the qualifying conditions of the contest, so the candidate Nebuli did not put to the vote.

Yuri Linenko also retired. In addition, he heads the organization “antimafia”. In 2015 he moved to the position of Director of the NABOO and later the head of the Odessa management of anti-corruption Bureau.

According to this biography, most recently worked in law enforcement for more than 20 years ago.

“The recommendations gave to himself from his own organization “mafia”. Has a biased attitude towards the work of the anti-corruption Bureau, what was expressed during the election to the Council of public control at NABOO” – noted in the CTC.

Human rights activist Vladimir Vasilenko served as a judge in the international court of justice and the representative of Ukraine to the UN Council on human rights.

A few months ago Oleg Lyashko offered his candidacy for auditor of NABOO.

In 2015 has been delegated by decree of the President of Petro Poroshenko to the Constitutional Commission together with Michael Buromenskiy, elected auditors of NABOO under the quota of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“It should be noted that the recommendations of the Vladimir Vasilenko received from NGO “Ukrainian legal society”, headed by Oleg Berezyuk V.. Berezyuk is also the co-owner of another public organization “all-Ukrainian movement “Force of Law”. This OO is headed by former MP from the BYUT Andriy Senchenko, who 2014 acting Deputy head of the presidential Administration”, – noted in the CTC.

The next candidate Vadim Melamed is an attorney, the notary, the last 25 years living in Israel, where it has its own legal company “Vadim Melamed attorneys and notary”.

In 2015, took part in the competition for the position of Director of the NAB.

“However, Melamed does not meet the requirements of the auditor of NABOO, a certain Law of Ukraine “On the national anticorruption Bureau” because it has “significant experience in the pre-trial investigation authorities, Prosecutor’s office, courts, foreign or international organizations”, – noted in the CTC.

The last 25 years, Melamed worked in Israel only as a lawyer, dealing mainly with labour law and legal assistance to immigrants from Ukraine. Melamed has also received a single recommendation from a public organization, whose Director is himself.

The latest candidate is former U.S. attorney and partner at “Baker & McKenzie” Tom Firestone. He worked 6 years in the Department for combating organized crime of the U.S. attorney’s office in new York, where he specialized in the Affairs of the Russian oligarchs and officials related to corruption and money laundering.

Firestone was the chief Prosecutor in the extradition case of Russian TOP official, Pavel Borodin in Switzerland on charges of money laundering and embezzlement. Worked with Magnitsky, persona non grata in Russia.

In addition, it was recommended for the post of auditor of the NABOO Embassy of the United States, the international anti-corruption organization “Transparency International Ukraine” and the CEELI Institute in Prague, which is engaged in the development of the rule of law.

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