Near Mezhyhirya settled neighbours


500 metres from the residence Mezhyhiria estate built a couple of prosecutors Rohatyuk, relatives of the Deputy Prosecutor of Kiev region Milevsky and judge of Appellate court of Kiev region, Oleg Levchuk.

This is reported by “Nashi Groshi” referring to the extracts from the registry of rights to immovable property.

We will note that earlier media reported that in Novi Petrivtsi in Azure garden, home to Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Also there is the house mistress Yanukovych Lyubov Polezhay, who is now arrested by the Prosecutor’s office.

House in Azure garden are up to $2 million, and the land is over $ 6 per hundred thousand.

Between the houses Yatsenyuk and Polezhay mansion is located at 389 square meters with outbuildings, belonging to the Prosecutor in charge of the statistical work of the GPU Xenia Rohatyuk. The construction on a plot area of 15 acres began in February 2012.

Husband Rohatyuk Igor in the past was the first Deputy Prosecutor of Cherkasy region. He then worked in the Prosecutor’s office of the Deputy chief of the international law Department — the head of Department of international cooperation. In October 2014 Igor Rogatica lyustrirovali. For 2015 received unemployment benefits, but in July of this year held the position of senior lecturer of the Department of training prosecutors on supervision of observance of laws by bodies that conduct operative-investigative activity, inquiry and pre-trial investigation of the National Academy of Prosecutor’s office.

In the declarations of the wife Rohatyuk also pointed out three apartments. One of Kiev apartments located in a luxury building on the street Nikolsko-Slobodskaya, 4-with panoramic views of the Dnipro.

The estimated cost of such housing is $ 180-190 thousand, although in the official documents of the price of the apartment — 663 thousand UAH. Among other property Rohatyuk house 297 sq m in Krymok village, Zhytomyr region, 4 land, cars Hyundai Veracruz 2008 model year, the business sedan Hyundai Grandeur 2012 and two Parking spaces.

Comprehensive income Rohatyuk for the last three years amounted to 1.1 million UAH. Rohatyuk Igor and his parents business has never worked. Economic activity was only the father of Xenia Rohatyuk — Victor Nikityuk. He checked the co-owner of several companies, whose income does not exceed 150 thousand UAH per year.

Another mansion in the Blue garden belongs to the family Milewski. Andrey Milevskiy — the Deputy Prosecutor of the Kiev region-in-law and the longtime accountant of the GPU Ludmila Ershovoy. After the scandal with embezzlement of funds of the GPU Ergovu has released, and Milevskiy broke up with her daughter Erohovoy Inna.

15 acres of land recorded on the brother of the Prosecutor Alexander Milevsky, 15 — his brother’s wife Tatyana hmelnitskaya. On this land is a mansion under construction and a number of outbuildings (visible on satellite image).

Alexander Bogdanov registered as natural person-entrepreneur according to the documents, was a middleman in placing ads in the press. Also had a firm “Adverfary”, “Peak”, was the one in charge “Adversus”, is engaged in sale and installation of payment terminals. The network has listings Milevskiy budget car “Deo Matis”.

Ownership of the mansion in the 478 sq m in the Azure garden issued in 2005 a judge of the appeal court of Kyiv region Oleg Levchuk. This spring, the man resigned. Levchuk worked as a judge since 1992: first in the Vyshgorodsky district court of Kyiv region, 1999 became a judge of the Kiev regional court (now appellate).

Together with his wife, a notary public Olga Levchuk owns land in Boryspil district of Kyiv region and 7 land in Vyshgorod, with a total area of 0.96 hectares. 2015 Levchuk declared salary 879 thousand UAH wife and 266 thousand UAH.

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