Leshchenko called the mistake Poroshenko

Error Petro Poroshenko that he’s trying to shove back in the tube paste, which is already squeezed. The fight against corruption became an international movement. And in Ukraine – political fashion. And instead of trying to lead this wave, Poroshenko tries to stifle anti-corruption bodies and to face down civil society activists.


To understand Poroshenko also possible – who wants to plant the “three friends”? It will end badly for him – more people will unite against Poroshenko. And he is not able to undertake your scenario (as with Nasirov or brown) will lose credibility. Happens desacralization, as once with Yushchenko. So now we have to write the program, how we will live after the change of government.


Therefore, Petro Poroshenko, trying to rein in the anti-corruption mood, makes a historical error.


One of the manifestations of the falling authority of the President, a low — profile appearance, but thriving inside the conflict Poroshenko with the Prime Minister Groisman. Former Vinnytsia mayor refused to lead the party BPP and “forgot” to warn Poroshenko to raise the minimum wage to over 3,200 UAH. President hot on the heels of statements Groisman had to record a televised address not to give it to yourself to enjoy the glory. Groisman not allowed Bankova designate Nasirov his first Deputy Sergei Bilan and held to the acting head of the SFS of his countryman Miroslav Sold. Comes to the ridiculous: when in AP learn about the plans of Prime Minister to hold a round table with businessmen there the day set up a meeting in a similar format under the leadership of Poroshenko. Moreover, unlike Yatsenyuk, Poroshenko served as a lightning rod for negativity, Groisman perceived by part of the political power of the President. And for the mistakes of the government responsible for the same Poroshenko.

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