“Law of hostages” was passed by blackmail the opposition

The leaders of the opposition factions believe that the so-called Amnesty law was passed with the help of cheating, blackmail and copadata.
In the statement of Yatsenyuk, Klitschko and Tiahnybok published on the website of the “Fatherland”, said that on 29 January under the leadership of Yanukovych’s Party of regions resorted to fraud, taking in Parliament the bill No. 4021-3. According to the opposition, yesterday’s vote as January 16, the regions, the Communists and some independent deputies carried out under pressure. In a statement, the Amnesty law, opposition leaders called a “law on hostages”.
It is also reported that voting was conducted alien cards (the so-called kapodaster), which is prohibited by the Constitution of Ukraine. The three leaders stressed that personal responsibility for the incident shall be Viktor Yanukovych, who arrived on Wednesday evening in the Parliament and through intimidation and blackmail forced their faction on the brink of schism to return to the courtroom and drag the “law on hostages”, despite the apparent lack of votes.
According to the opposition, did not have any illusions: the majority in Parliament refuses a peaceful settlement of the crisis, instead of pumping the opposition by fraud laws.

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