Irina Friz: We have something to fight on the cultural front

The “Book ARMENAL” on may 22 will open the “Veterans ‘ tent” where they will represent the veterans ‘ book. This was announced by the Minister of the Ministry of veterans of Ukraine Iryna Frieze.

“For five days the veteran-writers, volunteers and immigrants present their works on the domestic site. And given that the phenomenon of the veterans ‘book thanks to the initiative of veterans have received this year, creative and natural performance, before shoving in the Arsenal, visit the veterans’ tents. The book is a weapon. Come and see what we have than to fight on the cultural front against the domination of false and distorted information disseminated about the Russian-Ukrainian war propaganda of the Kremlin,” said Irina Friz.

Otitis, the tent will open at 17:00 on may 22.

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