In the SBU are investigating several cases of seizure of power

Speech of Prosecutor General Pshonka to the Parliament contained information about the involvement of members of some radical groups to calls to overthrow the government.
According to him, these groups get a lot of funding, and operate under the form of public organizations, most often sports. Their members have a high cohesion, which, according to Him, due to the conduct of ideological work for the dissemination of ethnic hatred.
The materials in question were given to the state office of public Prosecutor by employees of SBU, and members can find cases, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”, referring to Pshonka.
The attorney General emphasized that the SBU has engaged in the investigation of two criminal cases under article 109. Speaking about the events on the Maidan, Pshonka mentioned there sounding calls for the violent seizure of power, explaining that this was the reason for initiating proceedings.

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