In Parliament serves a preventive measure for people’s deputies with guns


In the Verkhovna Rada prepared a bill to strengthen security measures in the Parliament and the non-admission to work of the deputies with weapons.

Comments about this “UKRINFORM” said the first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on rules and organization of Parliament Mr Oreshenkov.

“The only mechanism to avoid cases where MPs are weapons in the meeting room of the Parliament, are amendments to the regulations,” he said.

According to Oreshenkov, on Friday morning, this issue was discussed with the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy. He said that the VR has already prepared the corresponding bill, which very soon will be finalized at the Committee meeting.

The MP suggests that the consideration of a new bill in Parliament possibly by this summer.

According to him, the draft law provides for changing the inspection rules of people’s deputies, in particular when passing through a metal detector.

“We want to change the validation rules of the people’s deputies, which are included. If the passage through metal detectors will identify metal objects, the MP will have them immediately to hand. That is, we have the opportunity to put them in special cabinets in the form of safes and, respectively, inside of the Parliament have to go without items that can be explosive, or weapons,” – said the first Deputy Chairman of the relevant Committee.

He said that while parliamentarians see the need to strengthen the protection and service spaces BP, as well as the safety net in the balcony in the room.

“For example, the massive chandelier in the hall of sessions of the Verkhovna Rada in case of possible sabotage when falling from the ceiling can cover two-thirds of the audience”, – said Oreshenkov.

According to him, also addresses the issue of glazing of balconies in the session hall, to heavy camera reporters who don’t fall on the heads of deputies.

Also, says the MP, in Parliament considering the possibility of creating on the sidelines of the special zones for communication of MPs and media representatives.

“The VR is now working on the drafting of the legislation, which can be done in the Parliament the so-called zone for the media to create for journalists conditions where they could communicate easily with members, not to catch them in the hallways. But it is in any case shielded the RES,” he said.

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