Igor Mazepa: the Main challenge for business is access to capital at a reasonable price


Igor Mazepa, CEO of investment company Concorde Capital (Igor Mazepa, investment banker, CEO of Concorde Capital), shared his opinion within the framework of the RAUInvestmentForum calls for a business.


The main challenge for business today is access to capital at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, in the past four or five years, access to Bank capital in the country almost none. Banks either not lending, or it is very expensive. Foreign investors are still not really willing to invest in Ukraine, for obvious reasons: high country risk, corruption, are not adequately protected the rights of investors.

So business people have to find alternative opportunities for raising capital. In particular, to seek money from local investors. Funding for good quality bargains can be found. Deals 20-25 million U.S. dollars – brand lift. But the cost of capital of 5-6%, but significantly higher about 20-25%.


Over the past two or three months, we at Concorde Capital has closed a number of deals to attract relatively large capital. Now in Ukraine $50-70 million sounds impressive, although once impressive in a completely different order of numbers. Therefore, the money in the country.

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