Igor Mazepa: Sanctions against the Kremlin. Than meets Russia?


Russia responds primarily to the counter. Remember the period of limitations on food imports. The new bill discussed in the state Duma of the Russian Federation (the organisation recognised by the criminal in Ukraine), full of even more tragicomic plans: a ban on the import into Russia of American medicine (with possibility quickly to ban the import any American goods), the increase in charges for air navigation services for American companies and prohibitions on the use of us software products (anyone interested can see the full list of “Radio Svoboda” (https://www.svoboda.org/a/29165796.html). Even discussed the proposal openly to steal from Americans their intellectual property. It seems that with the increase of sanctions of the West, the intensity of creativity in Russian Parliament will increase. And expand on all Americans who support them – from the UK to Ukraine.

For all its comic counter-sanctions, as sanctions are a hidden economic meaning. Geese tractor pressed not only for the amusement of the audience. For ideological bravado hides the calculation: thus, the restriction on the use of foreign software by Russian state structures not only greatly help the local intelligence agencies, but will also give good drank on “import substitution” and a willingness to steal intellectual property – if it comes to that – alluding to the fact that in Russia seriously expect the United States will soon limit the transfer of dual-use technologies.

In addition to counter-sanctions, there is another “line of response” – the salvation of his own oligarchs. Of course, the budget. By the way, this topic is worth considering and Ukraine.

In early April, Putin signed amendments to the Tax code of the Russian Federation, which Russia itself has already affectionately dubbed the “law Timchenko” suggesting it in the first place, will help the wallets of members of the “cooperative “Lake”” and the other close to the Center of people – Gennady Timchenko, Arkady Rotenberg, Igor Sechin.

at the security Forum in Kyiv, held on April 13, behind the scenes there were rumors about Russian companies that would like to find yourself in the Ukrainian sanctions list and are even willing to pay extra for it. Given the approach of the Ukrainian side, the special complexity of such a scheme will not make. This law, in fact, allows individuals who fell under the sanctions of foreign countries, are not considered tax residents of the Russian Federation, even while staying in it. That is, in fact – not to pay taxes and not report the income.

The presence in the sanctions list, many small companies and little-known personalities, who have no direct or indirect relationship with Ukraine fraught with discrediting the idea of the sanctions list. And that’s the problem. As soon as our Western partners will pay attention to this list and prompts for the argument regarding his participants, it appears that us is simply nothing to cover. Such negligence may jeopardize the whole list, and even lead to its cancellation, which we from any point of view should not be allowed.

The Russian budget has definitely already suffers considerable losses from their own and from others. But the question is, is it enough that the government has tempered their appetite to such a level, that he was not up to foreign aggression from its neighbors – in time “to save ourselves and to save their “wallets”.

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