Igor Mazepa: In the near future, Ukraine has to rely on his own strength



Igor Mazepa, CEO of investment company Concorde Capital (Igor Mazepa, investment banker, CEO of Concorde Capital), shared his opinion in the framework of RAUInvestmentForum calls for business cost of financial resources for business and the drivers of growth of the Ukrainian economy.


The last 3-5 years was marked by the fact that we are witnessing the Exodus of foreign investors from Ukraine. Go kupny companies: Shell, HeidelbergCement, AmericanInsuranceGroup. And another couple preparing to exit. And with them gone and money. So in the near future we will have to rely on their own strength.


Foreign investment in Ukraine minuscule – 1-2% relative to GDP. And if you count how many of these data within the Cypriot investors who are, in fact, are Ukrainian, you get even less. While domestic investment accounted for 17 per cent of GDP. And that’s not a reason for pride and a reason to evaluate their mistakes and try to change something, so we came up with major foreign investors. At the same time, Ukrainian business holds on Bank deposits of about 400 bln. or 11% of GDP. And the money he does not invest in its development.


I believe in consumer demand. The modest growth that now demonstrates Ukraine’s economy – largely due to the growth in consumer demand, which in turn leads to the growth of GDP.

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