Igor Mazepa has determined what sector of Ukraine’s economy will grow first

Igor Mazepa, CEO of investment company Concorde Capital (Igor Mazepa, investment banker, CEO of Concorde Capital), share your opinion about the cost of financial resources for businesses and growth sectors of the Ukrainian economy.


I believe in consumer demand. The modest growth that now demonstrates Ukraine’s economy – largely due to the growth in consumer demand, which in turn leads to the growth of GDP.


As soon as our economy will show more significant growth, this property has all chances to become one of the first sectors which will massively go to foreign investors. Because real estate is a clear area that works the same in Ukraine, Europe and Asia. If you consider the options – to invest in real estate or to place a Bank Deposit, the Deposit earns 10% and the real estate – 15%. The property has its risks, but they are justified refund. The experience of other Eastern European countries, which at one time held the heavy periods, the property was one of the first areas that the country has pulled and attracted by money.


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