Igor Mazepa commented on denationalization PrivatBank


Igor Mazepa, CEO, Concorde Capital (IgorMazepa, investmentbanker, CEO, Concorde Capital) on the denationalization of PrivatBank.

The world of big foreign money is very different from the world in which we all live. This is a world where the former head of the NBU Valery Gontareva — not a monster, and most professional of the Ukrainian reformers.


It is a world where the oligarchs are not divided into bad bloodsuckers and the terrible usurpers, and reliable partners and scams. It is a world in which Ukraine’s place is not in the center of Europe, and somewhere between Central Africa and the Middle East.


Of course, foreign speakers could not avoid the question of nationalization of PrivatBank as significant events in the Ukrainian financial sector.

They are not particularly willing to comment on the process of nationalization and the validity of the cancellation of the Eurobonds, assuming that not all was so smoothly. However, all noted that the process was inevitable, and the decision to nationalize the Bank was a single correct.


“They had to take at that time, really a difficult decision. Might have been made some procedural mistakes, but the decision on nationalization was absolutely right,” said ash.


More categorical foreigners were discussing the possible denationalization of PrivatBank. Representatives of international financial organizations in one voice said that this will lead to economic collapse.


“Any revision of the decision on the nationalization of PrivatBank will be extremely devastating for the financial stability of Ukraine”,— said the Gods.

Palmer added that in case of cancellation of the nationalization of Ukraine will have to forget about cooperation with international financial organizations. “MFIs will not tolerate revision of nationalization,” he warned.


From the position of private investors ash noted that they would be very reluctant to invest in Ukraine in the case of denationalization PrivatBank as challenges to economic stability are essential.


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