Gorbatyuk: an Offshore company can sue confiscated, “Yanukovych’s money”


The head of the Department of special investigations of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk said that an offshore company can sue back the confiscated money of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

He said this on air of the program “Tomorrow”, reports “Radio Freedom”.

“Of course, if there are firms who challenge and who will be denied it, and that may be so-called bona fide purchasers, they really can appeal to the European courts and to expect that the court will listen to them”, – said the Prosecutor.

He also said that the public Prosecutor cannot initiate an investigation upon receiving the TV channel Al Jazeera information on confiscated $1.5 billion “the money of Yanukovych”.

Mr. Yan said that personally he knew nothing about how the court’s decision on confiscation “of money of Yanukovych” was classified, how many people had access to it and how it was leaked to foreign media.

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