GFS: Kiev paid almost half in taxes and fees Ukrainians


Payers of Kyiv declared and paid nearly half of all commitments submitted asset declarations on Ukraine – a billion hryvnia.

This was announced by the chief of the State fiscal service in Kiev Lyudmila Demchenko, the press service of the Metropolitan GFS.

According to the results of the current campaign Declaration in Ukraine was declared and consistently to pay 2 billion 167 million tax to incomes of physical persons and 273,5 million military collection.

Half of these obligations, namely, 1 billion 48 million UAH of personal income tax and 115.4 million UAH of the military tax was declared by the taxpayers of Kiev, said Demchenko.

“August 1 was the deadline for paying the self-defined tax liabilities at presented this year to the declarations of property and income. I am very pleased to say that at the end of July Kyiv residents have paid 95% of these obligations. Very grateful to all and each payer separately for integrity and responsibility,” she said.

According to Demchenko, the result of the campaign, declaring 2018 as at 31 July the budget received 998 million hryvnia tax on income of individuals and 110 million of military training.

Compared with the results of last year’s Declaration of income of citizens, when the standard charge was 93%, this year the budget received an additional 351,8 million hryvnia tax on income of natural persons and 41.9 million military collection.

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