Fighters of Kirovograd “Golden eagle” were on the side of the people

On Tuesday evening the staff of special forces “Berkut” in Kirovohrad refused to travel to the Ukrainian capital, which has produced six buses.
One of the commanders told the journalists of the newspaper “Native Kirovograd” that the decision on refusal of use of force against peaceful protesters in Kiev fighters was made jointly and unanimously. Thus, 220 “berkutovets”, that is, the entire staff, despite the threats from above and the sanctions that will probably be applied, and stood on the side of the people.
From informal sources it became known that commanders were immediately suspended from their duties.
We will remind that in the night of 11 December, the Maidan was surrounded by thousands of security forces who, without waiting for orders, began the assault. The result is a five-hour standoff with law enforcement officers detained several dozen protesters – their security forces in a rough form, was forcibly taken away in paddy wagons. About a dozen people, according to eyewitnesses, was made the scene of a confrontation on a stretcher.
Closer to the morning, the protesters managed to oust the security forces from the Maidan. The number of protesters for the resignation of government continues to grow.

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