Failure to pay child support will cover the travel abroad


In Ukraine today entered into force the law on strengthening of responsibility for non-payment of alimony.

The law provides for the restriction of travel outside of the country of the debtor who does not pay child support, writes UNIAN.

Also the debtor who has a debt to pay alimony in the amount that collectively exceeds the amount of the relevant payments for six months may apply the following measures: temporarily restrict his right to operate a vehicle, use of firearms hunting, pneumatic and ogoloshennya weapons, devices of a domestic production for shooting of the cartridges equipped with rubber or similar on the properties with throwing shells of nonlethal action, and to limit the right of hunting.

Also a new type of administrative penalty in the form of social works, which consist in performing a person commits an administrative offense, in free from work or study time, paid community service, the form of which will determine the local authorities.

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