Environmentalists shocked by the condition of the Mariinsky Park

Representatives of the national ecological centre of Ukraine said that the Mariinsky Park on the territory of which passed Pro-government rally, known as anti-Maidan, is in a terrible state. The territory is polluted, many of the design elements is destroyed, not without broken trees.
Alexey Vasilyuk, occupying the post of Chairman of the NECU, believes that left adherents of the Party of Regions the trail is drawn on a criminal case. According to officials, the Prosecutor General’s office has received a demand of environmentalists to find and punish those who have hurt Metropolitan Park.
Vasilyuk reminded of the 252-th article of the criminal code, which threatens fines and even imprisonment for the destruction or damage under the protection of the state territories.
But according to article 38 of the Law “On nature reserve Fund of Ukraine”, any activity that is not related to the tasks of the parks and monuments, but carried out in their territory is prohibited.
Recall that within a few weeks the Mariinsky Park served as a gathering place for protesters who support the policies of the current government. The leaders of the Party of Regions Antimaydan formed mainly at the expense of public sector workers and citizens from the Eastern and southern regions of the country. According to media reports, over night stay at the rally organizers promised to pay 200 – 500 UAH.

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