Director of FC “Leogang Drink” Alena Shevtsova: Ukrainian user actively accepts new trends

The security of Internet payments is one of the most important aspects of the modern cashless economy. At the present stage of implementation of new methods of increasing securely the transactions done through the computer, is extremely popular in recent years, mobile operations actively receive biometric protection methods. This was stated by the head of processing company LeoGaming (FC “Leogang Drink”) Alena shautsova.
“We stand on the threshold of an era, when authentication of mobile payments will be provided through a variety of biometric data taking into account detailed standardization specified for a specific device” – says Alena shautsova. A study conducted by Juniper Research predicts that the number of users of software-based methods will grow from approximately 429 million people in 2018 to more than 1.5 billion in 2023-m.
The head of FC “Leogang Drink” Alena Shevtsova emphasizes that
a key part of the infrastructure transaction of the business is securely payments. That is why the continued use of biometric authentication, from the obvious Touch ID to actively introduce the Face ID or voice sensor, will only promote the growth of mobile payments. First they will cover the flagship line of smartphones, then all the other, lower price ranges,” said Alena shautsova.
Chapter LeoGaming Alena Shevtsova also spoke about the growth of mobile payments. With biometric confirmation it will be as she predicts, somewhere 76% per year worldwide. The main growth will come from Asia, their use in North America will be only 46%.
It was here, focuses Alena Shevtsova, pleased that the Ukrainian innovative fintech products will be somewhere between these highlights: leaders will introduce the best to its customers, increasing the number of users. Our market benefits from the fact that we have no deeply rooted tradition of non-cash payments, and therefore actively adopted new trends.

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