Declaration Poroshenko: some millions

The President declared the new company and shares in international banks. It is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

So, Poroshenko 27 APR 2016 became the owner of 20 thousand shares of CEE Confectionery Investments Limited (Nicosia, Cyprus) with a nominal value of 571 163 thousand UAH, the owner of which is now the Rothschild Trust Schweiz AG (Zurich, Switzerland).

According to his e-return for 2016, the President had made more than $1 million in the account at the Rothschild Bank AG (Switzerland), and is now their owner Rothschild Trust Schweiz AG.

Poroshenko received over the past year 366 thousand UAH 342 salaries of the President (in 2015, it amounted to 121 thousand UAH 54), interest in the “International investment Bank” in the amount of 11.9 million UAH, the income from alienation of securities and corporate rights by PJSC “Closed non-diversified corporate investment Fund “Prime assets capital” amounted to more than 26 thousand UAH.

Declared President cash: $60 thousand and 180 thousand UAH (in 2015, this amount was $ 900 thousand UAH). In the accounts in the Bank “IIB” Poroshenko $25.9 million, EUR9,9 thousand, 80,8 thousand UAH and GBP393, which is somewhat less than indicated in 2015.

The President also pointed out the contribution of Closed non-diversified corporate investment Fund “Prime assets capital” in the amount of 8.19 million. He lent to third parties last year, 1,111 million UAH and $3.43 million

Last year, Poroshenko spent 7 million 327 thousand UAH as a “provisional payment in respect of future acquisitions”, almost 3 million UAH for the issuance of corporate Advisory services and almost the same for legal services, 427 thousand UAH for “investment management”, 3 million 463 thousand for “education”, 5 million 722 thousand UAH for transportation of 1 million 263 thousand for the service, accommodation, 983,5 thousand UAH for utilities.

Poroshenko owns a residential home in Kozyn (Kyiv region) area 1331,7 sq m (its value in December 2012 was estimated at UAH 30 million), the two land in Kozyn with a total area of about 34.4 thousand square meters, rents Kozinskaya village Council land area of 7.5 thousand sq m In Kyiv, the President has three land plots of 12.5 thousand square meters and two apartments – 134 and 82 sq. m. Also he has an apartment in Vinnitsa area of 68.2 square meters and non-residential premises in Odessa with an area of 35.3 sq. m.

The President pointed out in the Declaration Mercedes Vito 116 CDI 2010 release and the boat Bayliner 185 BR 2005.

The head of state declared more than 100 entities, the ultimate beneficial owner (controller).

Among them are PJSC “Closed non-diversified corporate investment Fund” Prime assets capital”, which combines many assets of the state.

Poroshenko is the ultimate beneficiary OOO “Central European confectionery company”, subsidiary company “Confectionery Corporation “Roshen”, a private company with limited liability Roshen Europe B. V. (Netherlands), PJSC “Kiev confectionery factory “Roshen” and its subsidiaries “Vinnitsa confectionery factory”, “Vinnitsa dairy factory “Roshen”, “Kremenchug confectionary factory “Roshen”, “Mariupol confectionery factory “Roshen”, LLC “Russian Exclusive”, “Sponge complex “Russian”, “Russian Plus”, “Roshen-Volyn”, “Roche-Polis”, “Roche-zodiac”, “Roche-Lviv”, “Roche-Kryvbas”, “Roche-Kherson”, “Russian-Mariupol”, “Roshen Prykarpattya”, “Roshen-Khmelnytsky”, “Russian Sweet”, “Roshen De Luxe”, “Roche-Bucovina”, “Roshen” Grand, “Roshen-product”, “Konditeropttorg”, “Trading house “candy”.

In Hungary belong to him “Confectionery “Bonbonetti Choco”, the trade and service limited liability company “Bonbonetti”, limited liability company for the production of confectionery products and trade “Choco Bonita”, JSC “ROSHEN” in Lithuania, “Food products “Roshen” (Shanghai)” in China, the Lipetsk confectionery factory “Roshen”, LLC “Rosencrans” and LLC “Roshen” in Russia, LLC “Roshen-Polska” in Poland, “DeLuxe Saud” in Kazakhstan.

P. Poroshenko is the beneficiary of the “International Investment Bank”, JSC “Lenin’s smithy” and its subsidiaries, the “Sevastopol sea plant” and its subsidiaries, LLC “sevmorverf”, “Motor transport enterprise “Sovmortrans”, CJSC “insurance company “Admiralty”, Broadcasters “NBM” and “Express-inform”, which are the owners of the “channel 5”.

Also the Declaration States OOO “Ukrprominvest-Treyd”, LLC “UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO”, “Trading house “Intercom”, JSC “food company “Podillya”, “food company “Zorya Podillya”, “Trading house “Krakhmaloprodukt”, PJSC “kryzhopolsky sugar factory”, private enterprise “Production-commercial company “Delta”, LLC “Group Agroprodinvest”, PJSC “Trostianetske district enterprise “Agromash”, “Vinnitsky bakery № 2”, LLC “Mas-agro”, “Agrofirma Dneproagromash”, LLC “Progress – NT”, LLC “Agrofirma “Vinkivtsi”, “right-Bank”, LLC “Brassica-2010”, OOO “Kievhat Invesment”, PJSC “Dneprovsky krakhmalopatochnyi plant.”

The President controls PJSC “Kiev factory of experimental designs”, “Piskovskii factory of glass products”, LLC “invest KONSALT”, OOO “Intertech Ukraine”, LLC “Zhil-Comfort”, “Distribution centre “Plus”, LLC “milk TRANS”, “Pastry-TRANS”, JSC “Lingustically”, “Ukroptbakaliya”, “Ukroptkulttovary”, LLC “Medservice plus”.

In its property Insurance company “Krajina”, the “Sports complex “Monitor”, OOO “Firm “the Screen”, OOO “Max TV-Kiev”, LLC “Max TV-Dnepropetrovsk”, “Max TV-Donetsk”, LLC “Max TV-Nikolaev”, “Interkorn Korn prosessing industry”.

Abroad he registered LLC “Feruvite S. L.” and “Centres limited” (Spain), “Eray Systems limited”, “Teleview limited” and “Si Confectionery investments limited” (Cyprus), a private company with limited liability “Prime asset partners limited” (British virgin Islands).

Poroshenko owns 9 million shares of “International Investment Bank” with a nominal value of UAH 16 million; 7815 shares in “Closed-end non-diversified corporate investment Fund “Prime assets capital” cost 7 million 815 thousand UAH and 375 shares worth 375 thousand UAH; 99 shares in the “Joint-stock commercial industrial-investment Bank” worth 990 UAH.

The President also has 93,93% of the total capital of LLC “Firm “the Screen”, that is in terms of money 16.5 million UAH.

The President declared the collection of 65 paintings by Ukrainian and Russian artists 19-20 century, consisting of 15 paintings of the “old masters” of 4 contemporary paintings of the Impressionists and the Surrealists, of the 6 19th and 20th century sculptures, sculpture “the Fisher Boy”, Guglielmo Pugi (209,8 thousand UAH).

He has two watches Breguet, 2 hours Hublot, Patek Phillip, set of pendant, earrings and bracelet Carrera y Carrera mens cuff links and a tie holder for Carrera y Carrera, black leather coats Stefano Ricci.

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