Declaration of the Tymoshenko family: millions for two


The Chairman of the faction “Ukrainian Union “Batkivshchyna” in the Verkhovna Rada Yulia Tymoshenko declared 876 724 thousand hryvnias of income, and her husband Alexander – 3 million 112 thousand UAH 710 for the year 2016.

This is evidenced by the data on the website of the electronic declarations.

In particular, this amount the wages of Yulia Tymoshenko was 161 hryvnia (UAH 75 thousand in 2015), 169 thousand UAH received for the execution of parliamentary powers (80 thousand UAH in 2015). She also got 59 thousand UAH per cent of the “savings” (in 2015 percent were not) and 485 thousand UAH is listed as the profit from the “maturity Treasury bills-the military-with a coupon income”.

Yulia Tymoshenko in the “Oshchadbank” allocated 548 thousand UAH (UAH 486 thousand in 2015), cash it holds 290 thousand UAH (UAH 318 thousand in 2015).

Tymoshenko’s husband declared 2 million 772 thousand UAH of income from entrepreneurial activities (in 2015, the income from such activities he was not), 20 thousand UAH of insurance payments from the “IC “Arsenal insurance” (66 thousand UAH in 2015). Another 176 thousand UAH of income he received from the Czech Republic and 144 thousand UAH of investment income. In the Declaration of 2015 indicated that he had received foreign income of about 3 million 200 thousand UAH.

On account in Megabank, PJSC Tymoshenko’s husband keeps 1.8 million UAH 37 thousand dollars, and in the Ukrainian construction-investment Bank – 96 thousand UAH. Cash, he declared 194 thousand Euro 360 thousand and 308 thousand dollars. In 2015, he had nearly 3 million UAH of Fidobank.

According to the Declaration of 2016 and 2015, Timoshenko rents the house in Kozin Kiev region with an area of 588 sq. m. Tenant – Tatiana Sharapova. As the “other right” specified two plots of land: 1500 sqm and a 1862 sqm, the owner of which also is Sharapova.

The couple declared only 10 jewelry. Yulia Tymoshenko – 8, in particular earrings, rings and beads. Her husband declared Vacheron Constantin watches and Corum. These data coincide with the information in the Declaration for 2015.

Information about cars of the identical family presents for the year 2015. In property of Yulia Tymoshenko cars no. Her husband owns a Mercedes-Benz 2014 edition (stated value of 1 million 248 thousand UAH) and GAZ 1983 (cost 79 thousand 700 UAH).

Securities of the couple and there was not in 2015.

Tymoshenko’s husband is the owner of companies “Geoforce” and “Lady Yu”. In the Declaration of 2015 he was the owner of 6 companies, in return for the 2016 they are missing.

Tymoshenko, according to the Declaration, no intangible assets, and was not in 2015.

In the section “Expenses and transactions” the purchase of Treasury bonds by the amount of 485 thousand UAH (in the Declaration of 2015 they were not). Also provided purchase of goods (works, services) in the amount of 160 thousand UAH (in 2015 – 162 ths.)

Tymoshenko remains a member of the organization “Rukh oporu”.

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