Daughter Moskovskoy beaten into a concussion


The teenage daughter of murdered Irina Moskovskoy beaten into a concussion

As told earlier itself Nozkowski this happened in a period when she was in court sought punishment for Dmitry rossoshansky, who his car was hit by sister Irene 26 — year-old Svetlana Apatinsko and orphaned 4-year-old son.

Note, in the courtroom Nozkowski overtly threatened. “You will die badly,” said the relatives of the convicted drug addict.

“My daughter, a minor, was beaten by his friend, a drug addict. Then she lay with concussion of the brain, ” she said.

Nozkowski managed to obtain information, Rossoshanskiy several times lying in the hospital with toxic-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, i.e. those caused by the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

Also, it is established that he was previously convicted for stealing cars and perfect in 2010, the robbery connected to violence by prior agreement. This is the official data. In addition, they say that Rossoshanskiy involved in the rape. However, he never served the sentence.

Relative Rossoshanskiy a judge in Vyshgorod court.

As previously reported, Noskovskaya went missing on December 29. She went to work and never returned home. Last time out at 5 PM, the phone was switched off.

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