Charitable Fund Mykola Rudkovsky

Good deeds and selfless assistance – the phenomenon is quite rare in today’s world saturated with advertising, commodity-money relations and the strict rules of business. Saying, if everyone on the planet was willing to share something with others, the earth would not remain needy. While skeptics talk about the utopianism of this idea, a handful of people with a big heart just doing what he thinks is right and doesn’t require in return no glory, no recognition.

Nikolai Rudkovsky

If you travel to the province of Chernigov and ask the locals what they know about philanthropy, certainly in the response, you will hear a story about a Charitable Fund Mykola Rudkovsky. This organization, established many years ago, operates in the homeland of the people’s Deputy, Chairman of the socialist party of Ukraine.
While the majority of patrons trying to focus on one thing, the Fund organizes the work of another, facilitating the citizens in various fields. And this approach is justified.

“Heat and light for children”

One of the global programmes of the organization started in 2008 – 2009, in the midst of crisis.
The parents of the pupils of provincial schools well-known problem of the Windows – with approach of cold weather they try in vain to insulate and seal using not-too-modern media: foam, Scotch tape, cut strips of cloth and glue. But no matter how you try, using a huge slit the old cracked frames still penetrates through the frosty air, and formed a draft. The children in such conditions, not to study. Teachers Chernihiv schools shared that students had to engage in street clothes, with gloves to write and constantly go to the hospital. Alas, in many schools of Ukraine the situation remains so to this day, but Chernihiv schools can say lucky.

The Deputy Nikolay Rudkovsky

In the framework of the program “Heat for children” Fund Rudkovsky established in the schools of the city and region of new plastic Windows. Not deprived of care and other children’s institutions – students Prilutsky boarding in addition to the gifts that the members of the Foundation regularly bring the kids, deprived of parental attention, got a warm and renovated classrooms. In the regional children’s home “Nadezhda” was repaired walls and floors, in particular physiotherapy room. The Foundation provided the school with new equipment, changed the Windows and doors.

Dicevska boarding school in which enrolled babies with defects of development, received the equipment, a large games room. The members of the Foundation took care of major repairs of the building and converted the office of a psychologist, completed the staircase leading to the second floor.

In General, the program “Heat for children” Fund Nikolay Rudkovsky only in 2008 – 2009 spent 900 thousand UAH. According to principals, the support came just in time, as due to the intensity of the crisis, the funds allocated for the repair of state somewhere “lost”.
Orphanages and boarding schools received more than 400 thousand UAH. The organization continues to support schools, because, despite athinoula wave of the crisis, the funds are still not enough.

A system of awards in the Kiev hospital

The fall of 2008 for the Kiev oncopolicy, as with all government agencies, marked a sad change. Nurses and doctors began spontaneously to resign, as their already small salaries against the background of inflation and the increased cost of travel is no longer enough for the Essentials. The members of the Foundation Rudkovsky has considered what can be done, and found an unexpected exit. The medical staff of the cancer hospital received the award in the amount of salary and long-term financial support from a charitable organization. The team managed to keep. In an address to journalists, the MP said that the shoulders of parents of sick children should get at least the burden of worrying about whether someone to change his IV, because they have enough to worry about. Note that every year in the children’s Department of the Kiev oncopolicy gets about 500 young patients.

Care for adults

In caring for children Rudkovsky established a charitable organization does not forget about the needy adulthood. Unfortunately, this category includes not only people with disabilities, and pensioners, at one time honestly devoted to the labor of his younger years. Pryluts’kyi district administration has received from the Fund VAZ-2107 car transferred to the territorial service center of the disabled people and pensioners.

Nikolay Rudkovsky, photos

Lawyers Mykola Rudkovsky invented and implemented education program: a Handbook published by them collected excerpts from labor laws, and explain to them in an accessible form. In the opinion of the patron, this booklet will help ordinary Ukrainians to avoid illegal cuts, to defend their right to vacation and sick leave, to check the status of the unemployed and other subtleties, which are difficult to understand without a lawyer.

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