Became known, who saved Ukraine from a state of emergency

Inna Bohoslovska, independent MP, not so long ago left the Party of regions, told reporters that saved Ukraine from the implementation of the Kremlin’s power scenario of the state of emergency.
In the air “channel 5”, the politician said that the regionals from the group of Serhiy Tihipko and Rinat Akhmetov, whose total number is 78, not given to “curb faction under the power scenario”.
Theological admits that she, like many other politicians, had reliable information that on January 28, prepares an emergency, and by Tuesday morning the question was still not cleared. According to the policy “hawks” who wish to exercise the power, in fraction of Party of regions were members of the group, controlled by Klyuev. Their theological ranked in the category of people who are accustomed “to destroy and break”, as opposed to those deputies of the regions, used to “create and build”. The latter reacted parliamentarians focused on Rinat Akhmetov. In particular, the Parliament made a statement, which said refusal 40 deputies to sign any paper without observing the procedures.
At the end of the session, a similar statement was made by the group of Sergei Tigipko, in which there are 38 people. Among the rebellious theological related and some MPs, who in recent weeks have indicated that “would no longer obey blindly”.
“Today we can say: attempts to use the Party of regions the power to implement the Kremlin’s scenario failed”, – summarized ex-regionalka.

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