Arbuzov believes that the hryvnia falls because of the inaction of the new government

Sergey Arbuzov, a former Deputy Prime Minister, said that the new government should not engage in manual control, and to adhere to mechanisms of monetary policy, in force under Yanukovych.
As a man, a long time responsible for financial and economic Affairs in the former government, Arbuzov believes that the uncontrolled collapse of the national currency is the most important issue today, and the new government needs to deal with it immediately.
Arbuzov did not fail to remind that the previous Cabinet despite pressure from the outside managed to keep the hryvnia stable framework for the past three years. Former Deputy Prime Minister said that he had repeatedly warned political instability strike, first of all, the financial system of the country. “This process can still be stopped, – said Arbuzov. – The banking sector and the people of Ukraine expect the NBU clear and precise steps dictated by the revolutionary and economic feasibility”.

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