Macola Andrey

Andrey Macola

Andrey Macola – a successful Ukrainian businessman, founder of the company “Persha Privatna Brovarnya”, philanthropist, social activist and proud father of four sons.


Now about the brewery Macola known not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. “Persha Privatna Brovarnya” is in the TOP 4 largest producers of beer in the country, occupying more than 15% of the Ukrainian beer market.

It all started with a small plant “Halytska brewery”, where a young businessman has decided experimentally to offer consumers beer brewed according to old, long-forgotten recipes. Despite a unique product that the market did not accept such a proposal, and it ended almost before it began.

However Macola – not someone who gives up after the first failure. And even on the contrary – this problem gave rise to the entrepreneur to work more and harder. Deciding on the risk of a young businessman taking a loan, put all the efforts for the conversion of “Halytska the Distillery”. In fact, the plant would be rebuilt.

Surprisingly, the name of the company “Persha Privatna Brovarnya” appeared not immediately, as the idea belonged Macola, which strongly discouraged from it. It was believed that the name is very large and poorly remembered. But the businessman still persisted, believing that “Persha Privatna brovarnya” is able to provide consumers with the right message. As a result, the entrepreneur believes that this decision was most successful in his life.

The businessman confidently assured that the key to success is honesty and openness. That is why the slogan of a beer company is “For people – like yourself!”

Personal life

Andrey Macola born August 4, 1977, in Lviv. Andrey has a brother novel, which, by the way, he began to make the first steps in the field of business. Childhood entrepreneur was held under the auspices of sport, the focus was on Boxing. By the way, the sport plays a huge role in my life Macola today. Even now, when hiring people, the businessman is always interested in the fascination of a potential candidate sports. Andrey believes that sports life helps to foster such qualities as leadership and endurance, helping to build a successful career.

Andrey behind Macola:

  • Lviv financial-credit College.
  • Ternopil Academy of national economy.
  • Kyiv Orthodox theological Academy.

Andrey Macola finished financial-credit College in the city, after which he entered Ternopil Academy, where he studied international Economics. Being already in Mature age, Andrey decided to become again become a student and entered the Kyiv Orthodox theological Academy.

Andrey Matsola – happy father of four sons. Macola consider their marriage successful, and always happily shares his experience of how his family managed to build a strong relationship. Businessman raising children on the principle that the sons are not his personal property. This approach allows children to realize that they, first, free individuals, who are responsible for making decisions at your own risk. The entrepreneur believes that the family should be a hobby that unites all its members. In the case of family Mazoli is, of course, sports.

Social activities

Despite a thriving business, Andrey Macola also pays attention to the social project. That is why the name of the Ukrainian businessman, in addition to Breweries, are very often associated with the Church and education, sports, culture. The businessman believes that every Ukrainian must be a patriot, supporting and developing those or other areas of the country.

The fact that Andrey Macola received a diploma of the Kyiv Orthodox theological Academy, already speaks for itself about the attitude of the businessman to the Church. The entrepreneur is actively involved in the spiritual life of the country, supporting the students of the theological academies of Kiev and Volyn in their learning process. So, Macola providing young people with the opportunity to enroll in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

As you know, Andrey Matsola just loves the sport. Despite the great love of Boxing, the businessman also enjoys football.

Macola supports:

  • Biathlon Federation of Ukraine.
  • The basketball team of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.
  • The soccer team “Catanzaro” and so forth.

Andrey Macola also fully supports various activities in the field of culture. For example, a businessman acted as the main initiator and patron of the Festival “Day of Kiev. The feast of free people”, and actively supports the O. Violin concerts and performances of the group “VV”.

Business activities

1998 – Foundation of the company “Olmar”

Back in 1998, the brothers Andrey and Roman Macola decide on the basis of the company “Olmar” is a small distribution of alcohol company. The family business was to deliver products to the shops of the city. The company gained momentum, and after two years took a leading position in Western Ukraine, becoming the official partner of Carlsberg.

2002 – Foundation of “Halytska of Brovary”

“Halytska brewery” is a plant-based Andrey Macalou who specialized in brewing beer according to ancient recipes. Consumers were offered a unique product.

2004 – Foundation “Perso Private Broward”

After the failure of “Galicki Brovary” Macola decided to convert the plant. Taking a loan and buying a new power, a businessman, founded the “First Privatnu the Brewery” – a company that has managed to quickly capture a leadership position in the beer market of Ukraine.

2008 getting a large loan

It was in 2008, “Persha Privatna Brovarnya” attracted the attention of the EBRD. The Bank provided a loan to a company, which managed to increase production.

2011 – the conclusion of profitable partnerships with Oasis CIS

Oasis CIS is an international company, partner of “Perso Private Broward” bought the factory in Radomyshl. It was decided to merge the assets. As a result, investment’s contribution reached 30 million dollars, and Andrey Macola became the largest shareholder. Beer production was 200 million litres per year.

2015 initiative “November 21”

The aim of the project “November 21” is the emphasis on the values of Ukrainians. At the same time Macola becomes a philanthropist, supporting projects in the field of religion, culture, sport and education.


  • Biography Of Andrey Macola
  • Business activities
  • 2.1. “Persha Privatna Brovarnya” – how it all began
  • 2.2. From failure to first success
  • 2.3. The best solution in life Macola
  • 2.4. “First Private Brewery”: widening horizons
  • 2.5. The main plan for the future: climb new heights
  • Social activities
  • 3.1.The support of the Church
  • 3.2. Support culture
  • 3.3. Sport support
  • 3.4. Social support

Biography Of Andrey Macola

Andrey Macola family

Andrey Macola was born on 4 August 1977 in the West of Ukraine in Lviv. Except for Andrey, the family had another son – a novel. The children were brought up by my mother Maria, instilling in a child the love to the native land and respect to his family. From a young age, the future to take paid special attention to sport, highlighting among other box. Training in such a male sport could not fail to affect the character Macola – he is still convinced that Boxing develops in man necessary to lead a successful career and quality. Even now, in considering candidates for key positions in your company, Macola gives preference to people who are addicted to any sport.

After school Macola went to education at the Lviv financial-credit College, where he learned the basics of the state’s economy and businesses. The topic so fascinated him that he continued to delve into this science already in the Ternopil Academy of national economy, where he went in 2001 on specialty “international Economics”. After graduating from high school Macola received a master’s degree and wondered what to do next. However, to get an education Macola not done, the student returning to the bench at a Mature age. Since 2012, he became a student of the Kyiv Orthodox theological Academy. Probably, this step has pushed his foster mom Mary, who tried to instill in the children an interest in religion and faith in God.

According to Andrey Macola, to get an education in bogoslovec Academy pushed his abiding interest and desire to learn biblical and Christian principles. Macola sure without knowing them it is difficult to build any kind of relationship between people, and in addition, to establish a business. Because the Christian principles can provide answers to many difficult questions and help you out of complicated and even seemingly hopeless situations. Macola complains about the fact that many people unfairly consider this knowledge obsolete and such, have lost their popularity. But the priests and other religious leaders gathered this knowledge for over two thousand years – they are unlikely to have done such work in vain. In addition, despite the fact that progress is by leaps and bounds, the basic human principles remain unchanged for many centuries. That is why the great legacy of the Church, which was left by the Holy fathers remains very important for representatives of any generation.

But, in the Kyiv Orthodox theological Academy Macola turned out being a rather successful businessman who founded his own brewery. By the way, even some grains in the education of the mother have borne fruit – Andrey Macola was always sure that the most important thing in life – his own family, and she needs to trust. That’s why my first business – distribution company “Olmar” Andrey has built together with his brother Roman and mother. Macola recalls those days with great trepidation, telling that from the beginning they all had an old Lada, on which they transported the beer at kiosks and small stores. By the way, when the business Macola began to expand, and distributors, they became producers, he still wanted to see a business partner of his brother. Until 2012, all projects Macola remained a purely family business.

And only in 2016, Andrey’s brother Roman Macola decided to try myself in another completely opposite sector – politics, becoming a member of Parliament from the party Block Petro Poroshenko.

By the way, Andrey Macola began to build his own family quite early, and now has four sons:

  • Vladimir,
  • Victor
  • Stanislaus,
  • Andrey.

In his numerous interviews Andrey often share tips for a good marriage and proper upbringing of children.

Macola says that the most important thing to understand is that all parents is that children – not your personal property. It’s more responsibility. And tries to adhere to this principle of education. In addition, assures that whatever the wealthy family, the children should not get everything just so and to be spoiled. He believes that it is imperative that children raised in greenhouse conditions. Otherwise, otherwise, the threat of isolation from the world is inevitable. Macola trying to raise their children with the understanding that they are – free personality that can make decisions and make choices regarding their families alone, but should bear the responsibility for the actions and even thoughts.

In relation with his wife Macola also adheres to the principles of democracy. By the way, so they brought Mazalu – first, whatever situation arose between the spouses, the children do not have to take sides and become involved in the conflict. Secondly, the most important thing in any relationship is the ability to make concessions and compromise. It is the Foundation and key to a strong relationship.

In addition, the couple should have a hobby, shared and individual. For example, a big fan of sports games Macola very keen on football. Once, in the days when he was just about to open his own brewery, Macola on duty often went to Europe to learn from the experience. In the evenings he attended football games and was pleasantly surprised how they behave at the stadium the local fans. They did not swear, did not blame his team in the loss, and became a family that supports each other in any way. It really struck Macalu so much that he set a goal to bring this experience to Ukraine, a country that while it might not boast the civilized behavior of the fans. Dream came true only in 2017, when the first Private Brewery has become a premium sponsor of the Ukrainian football team. Project was born for football fans called “VRN Zbirni”.

Entrepreneurship: Andrey Macola

The name of Andrei Nikolaevich Macola certainly associated with a brand “Persha Privatna Brovarnya”. The young businessman has managed to turn a small family business into a serious player in the beer market of Ukraine. To date, “Persha Privatna brovarnya” is more than 15% of the market of the country, one of the four largest beer producers. And this businessman is not going to stop – now the brand “Persha Privatna Brovarnya” goes not only to the markets of the CIS countries and Europe.

“Persha Privatna Brovarnya” – how it all began

The history of the Brewery is interesting, however, is intriguing. Remembering the distant 1998, Andrey Macola tells how it all began. At the time, Andrey with brother Roman has decided to establish a distribution company for the delivery of alcoholic beverages. The company was called “Olmar”, and as the transportation of the brothers used an old “Zhiguli”. “Olmar” was a local company engaged in the supply of products by the institutions of the city. Even then Macola knew that to stop on the reached does not want, so do everything possible to “Olmar” grew into something more. And so it happened, because after two years of operation, the company managed to reach a new level, becoming the official distributor of Carlsberg (in those days the company was called BBH). Thus, from a small family business firm “Olmar” is a serious firm is the largest distributor of beer in Western Ukraine.

From failure to first success

Andrey Matsola again decided not to stop and in 2002 founded the factory for the production of beer “Halytska brewery”. The chip company was the manufacture of beer according to an ancient and long-forgotten recipes. However, it did not go smoothly. Working more experimentally, “Halytska brewery” produced a beer with a small shelf life. Given the fact that the work was done practically in the field, pricing and marketing policies were developed “the touch”, “Halytska brewery” failed. It was necessary to urgently make a decision or the closure of the company or of its refurbishment. Macola began to act, using the second option.

So, it is the failure to “Galitski Brovary” was the main motivation to the creation of “Perso Private Broward”. Andrey Matsola – not one of those who folds his hands after the collapse, on the contrary, this problem forced him to work even harder, longer and faster. It was therefore decided to purchase the latest equipment, to review marketing strategy and pricing strategy, and to act on the market.

The best solution in life Macola

By the way, a name familiar to every Ukrainian, as well as known outside of the country – “the first Private Brewery” company received. To give the name – the idea of Andrey Macola. The entrepreneur believed that a name will be able to communicate the right message, so that buyers understand that along with the companies-giants there are also small Breweries brewing tasty and high quality beverage. Macola had to argue long, strongly defending his idea, as it has not been maintained, assuring that the name is too long, difficult, memorable, and therefore unprofitable and a failure. Businessman still managed to defend his proposal. Andrey Matsola still sincerely believes that this decision was most successful in his life.

“First Private Brewery”: widening horizons

Soon the “first Private Brewery” has won the trust of the EBRD, which provided the company with solid credit. Due to the receipt of new funds managed to significantly increase production, gaining an even greater market share.

In 2011, the Brewery held a 2.5% share of the beer market of Ukraine. Macola did not stop there, deciding that further development is necessary to look for a partner with an international name, which was the company Oasis CIS. The new partner bought the plant in Radomyshl, after which it was decided to merge the assets. As a result, Andrey Macola became the largest shareholder of the company, which owns beer Breweries in Lviv and Lvov, the overall performance was about 200 million liters of beer per year.

The company is able to take a leadership position in 2014, when the beer market in the country is significantly reduced. Despite the General crisis, the Brewery not only holds the lead, but also greatly increases the momentum the company owns 8.7% of the market (for comparison, in 2013 this figure was 6.8%). Plants produce 1.48 million hectoliters of beer.

The main plan for the future: climb new heights

In 2016, the production of beer “Persha Privatna Broward” increased by 30%. Andrey Matsola said that this step was necessary because the company’s share on the market is constantly growing, and with it increases and the demand for beer. It is possible to bring the brand “Zakarpatske” at the national level, and some other products at the international level. “Augmentation of production volumes not only new opportunities for the company, but also an increase in the number of jobs and other income to the state budget,” says one of the shareholders of the EBRD representative.

Today “Persha Privatna Brovarnya” is a successful company that occupies more than 15% market share and ranked among the TOP 4 producers of beer in the country.

Brands “Perso Private Broward”:

  • “Drum”.
  • “Author”.
  • “StareMisto”.
  • “Lada”.
  • “Galytska Korona” and so forth.
  • Kvass “Lviv” and “Drevlyansky”.

And again Andrey Macola don’t want to stay at the same level. Now in plans of the Ukrainian businessman – the conquest of the European markets, the first steps have already committed. Along with the rapid growth of Breweries, Macola emphasizes that the main priority is still to produce high quality beer.

By the way, the company’s slogan says – “For people – like yourself!” which most accurately conveys the main message of the company. The operation of the Brewery is based on the principles of honesty and openness throughout the years.

Social activities Macola

Andrey Macola as a successful businessman, never stayed away from social projects and is a famous public figure. The entrepreneur believes that every citizen of Ukraine should be a patriot and help the country and people with all that is in his power. A special responsibility, in his opinion, lies with the business if the entrepreneur wants to conduct business honestly and transparently, he must associate his name with the company and did not hide the fact that the company belongs to him. If a person would only be concerned with good deeds, so such an image was formed and the company which he owns.

Although, blame Mazoli the desire popiaritsya good deeds difficult. All of its social initiatives are from the heart and are associated with different periods in the biography of the entrepreneur.

The support of the Church

This is a special item in the social activities of Andrey Macola because he graduated from the Kyiv Orthodox theological Academy, and the student sat on the bench, being a family man and prominent businessman. According to Macola, such a step he was pushed by the desire to know the true Christian values. In addition, the entrepreneur says that the knowledge that thousands of years hoarded the Holy fathers are relevant today, because they can help to find a way out of difficult situations, teach how to build relationships with people and even develop their own business.

In the framework of public activities, which was to support the Church, Macola helped the students of the Kyiv and Volyn Orthodox theological academies to continue their studies in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In addition, Macola strongly supports and has been providing assistance for the open Orthodox University of St. Sophia on the basis of the National reserve “Sophia of Kyiv” in Kyiv. Moreover, the entrepreneur was one of the initiators of the emergence of such educational institutions.

Favorite religious place in Ukraine for Macola – manyavsky Squid, which is also called the Ukrainian Athos. Is the monastery in the Carpathian mountains, and if Mazole have to go on business trips or private trips to Western Ukraine, he always visits this Holy and ascetic place where you can be alone with themselves and their own thoughts.

Support culture

Andrey Macola is also the initiator and patron of various cultural projects and city festivals, including the Festival “Day of Kiev. The feast of free people” and Concert tours Oleg Skrypka and band “Vopli Vidopliassova”.

Now Andrey Matola, with the support of the TV channel 1+1 working on the project “My Country – beautiful of I the square”, in which tells his countrymen about the most beautiful tourist places of the country, and those who unjustly remained unknown to most people.

Macola popularitywith travel around the country, telling which sites are worthy for viewing. In addition, the project will create a multimedia map, where every Ukrainian will be able to designate a favorite place for recreation. The project to be completed on the Day of independence of Ukraine.

Sport support

Andrey Macola is a big fan of sports. All his life he was engaged in Boxing, moreover, indifferent to football. The businessman sincerely believes that the sport builds not only body, but character, developing it needs for success quality. Even now selecting employees to key positions of his company, he often wondered what kind of sport he enjoys.

That is why the support of Ukrainian sports is an important part of social activities Macola. In different years he assisted, and with all the assistance of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine, the basketball team of the national University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, a football team, “Catanzaro”.

From 2017, the company “Persha Privatna Brovarnya” has become a premium sponsor of the Ukrainian national football team, succeeding in this “post” brand name “Chernihiv”. In the framework of the sponsorship Macola prepared an incredible surprise for Ukrainian fans. However, the story of this decision is quite interesting. Ten years ago Macola, an aspiring entrepreneur who wanted to open their own brewing company, often went on business trips to Europe. There he learned from the experience, met with investors and potential partners. In the evenings, if you had free time, Macala attended football matches in the stadiums. And he was always surprised by the behavior of European fans at the stadium. Being radically different people in life, doctors, lawyers, teachers, during a match they seemed to become one family, which supports your favorite team. And even then Macola planned to implement similar practices in Ukraine, a country where football fans, to put it mildly, did not differ good behaviour.

The opportunity came after ten years. And now, when his company became a premium sponsor of the Ukrainian team, Macola presented the project “Urn Zbirni”, in which Ukrainian fans will have the opportunity to learn how to support their team and even gets its own anthem. The author of the song was a famous Ukrainian composer Ruslan Kvinta.

In addition to the national anthem, the Ukrainian fans will also get their own form in which it will be possible to attend matches involving the national team. Macola dreams that Ukrainian stand of the stadium will be a single entity, a yellow-blue sea, which will be on the covers of top magazines in the world.

Social support

Andrey Matsola, like most Ukrainians, hard going through the events that take place in the East of Ukraine. You can call an appalling tragedy that played out there: war, anti-terrorist operation, the conflict, but to stay away from trouble is not worth it. With the support of Macola in Kiev started the Center for practical assistance to defence of Ukraine AXIOS. This project helps people who have gone through fighting to recover and continue to live in a peaceful area. AXIOS provides all kinds of help and assistance: someone happy with a job, the other helps to restore peace of mind by associating with psychologists, and the third assists in the financing of operations and prosthetics.

The AXIOS project is also collaborating with the initiative Solomiya Witwicky leading news channel 1+1 “Peramos”. Together they show cultural activities – exhibitions, festivals and other events. In addition, Macola invites some fighters to take part in the project “Urn zbirni” and visit the friendly matches of Ukrainians with other teams.

On these projects, social activities Macola, of course, is not limited. Entrepreneur and businessman believes that every Ukrainian should help each other and not to leave compatriots in distress. The only way to build a strong and independent nation, which proud of everyone in the country.

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