Janicki Vasily Petrovich





Date of birth: 14 January 1973

Place of birth: village Zarichne, Rivne region.

Marital status: Married. Raising sons – Vadim and Alexei.

Education: In 1995 graduated from Kyiv national University. Shevchenko, specialty – jurisprudence, qualification – lawyer. In 2003 at the same University he received a degree of economist.

Business and political activity


1995 – OOO Legal firm” “Jur-agro-Vesta”.

1996 – Director of Legal Bureau “Promaks”.

1998 – the Lawyer of Lawyer Board “Promaks”.

1999 – ZAO Legal company “Evrotek” .

2000 – Chairman of the Board “Eurotech-holding”, which in 2001 renamed into CJSC Law firm “Evrotek” .

2001 – Director of Legal firm “Evrotek” .

2006 – 2014 – the Deputy of Solomensky regional Council Kyiv

In 2009 he was elected Vice-President of the NGO “Rivne fraternity.” As a native of the woodlands, took under his wing the Northern parts of the region.

26 Oct 2014 – in the early parliamentary elections, Vasili Janicki wins in single-mandate electoral district 155, Rivne oblast, from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko with the result 28,68% or 27 597 votes.



Business Janicki consists of CJSC “Evrotek”, which for several years is in the process of liquidation. The media wrote that the company in the best years owned retail chain with 70 stores.

In Bank accounts of the MP lies 2 million 51 thousand hryvnias, the cost of securities is 2 million 427 thousand hryvnias. The size of contributions to the statutory capital of enterprises 2 million 10 thousand hryvnias. The members of the family account in the Bank is still 799 thousand UAH.


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