Igor Mazepa

Igor Mazepa is a well-known Ukrainian businessman. He is the founder and CEO of the investment company “Concorde Capital”, founded in September 2004.

Igor Mazepa was born on July 2, 1976, in Kyiv. He has higher education in the areas of economics and law. Mazepa graduated from Kiev National Economic University with a degree in “International Economics” and “Law”.

Igor Mazepa began his career in the investment company “Prospect Investments” in 1997, where the future businessman held the position of banker. Gaining experience, already in 2000, Mazepa was invited to become managing director of the IC “Foyil Securities New Europe”, after which he worked in the same position at IC “IFC”.

Now Igor Mazepa is the chairman of the board of the UAS Ukrainian Exchange, the board head of the business council “Price of a State”, and also is a member of the Supervisory Board of Ukrsotsbank.

In the past, Mazepa was a member of the Supervisory Board of PAS “Alfa-Bank” and was a member of the Supervisory Board of UAS “State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine”.

Igor Mazepa does not like to talk about personal life. However, it is known that from active hobbies Igor Mazepa prefers rowing and alpine skiing. He also enjoys football, fishing, horse riding, and loves morning jogging. Igor Mazepa loves to travel, preferring “unusual” countries. The businessman is sure that travel is almost the best “investment” in ourselves.




Igor Mazepa began working in the international company “Prospect Investments”, occupied in investment.



Mazepa worked for the investment company Foyil Securities New Europe, where he was a Managing Director. A little later, Igor Mazepa shifted to the company “MFK”, where he became CEO.



Igor Mazepa founded “Concorde Capital” Investment Company, where he became CEO.



For two years in a row, “Concorde Capital” had been recognized as the best and was awarded the nomination “The Largest Investment Bank in Ukraine”.


Igor Mazepa was recognized as the best manager in the Ukrainian stock market. In the same year, Mazepa became the winner in the nomination “The Personality of the Stock Market of Ukraine”. And “Concorde Capital” won the Best Ukrainian M & A Deal nomination.


The company “Concorde Capital” once again received recognition and became the best Ukrainian broker.
2009, 2011 In these years, IC “Concorde Capital” had occupied a leading position in the ranking, organized by the publishing house “Economics”, as the best investment bank among the 100 participants.
2014 Igor Mazepa was on the Supervisory Board of PAS “Alfa-Bank”.
2015 Mazepa became head of the board of the business council “Price of the State”.
2008-2016 Igor Mazepa chaired the stock exchange council of the UAS Ukrainian Exchange.
2016 “Concorde Capital” wins the Thomson Reuters Extel Survey rating, “Ukraine: Analyst” nomination. In the same year, IC won the nomination “Cbonds Awards CIS” as “The best sales-trader of Ukraine.”


Igor Mazepa was a member of the supervisory board of Ukrsotsbank.
2017 “Concorde Capital” became the winner of the Ukrainian rating of REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS. Nomination – “Finance – Investment companies.”



Investment company “Concorde Capital” was founded by Igor Mazepa in September 2014. “Concorde Capital” provides services in the investment sector, brokerage, and management services.

The company gained force very quickly, issuing numerous achievements of “Concorde Capital” – victories in ratings and nominations of both Ukrainian and international level. So, “Concorde Capital” won primacy in the market several times, becoming the best of the best.

Thanks to the use of various instruments of the financial field, the company “Concorde Capital” managed to attract about $2.5 billion for national firms in such areas as:

  • metallurgy;
  • automotive industry;
  • property;
  • chemistry;
  • oil and gas;
  • agriculture;
  • pharmacy.

Starting in 2008 and up to 2012, the company created by Igor Mazepa had managed mutual funds (mutual investment funds) on the Ukrainian stock market, such as:

  • “Prosperity”;
  • “Perspective”;
  • “Stability”;
  • “Oligarch”;
  • “Pioglobal Ukraine”.

Today, “Concorde Capital” is a leader in its field, which is confirmed by multiple victories in various rating categories. For example, only in 2017, “Concorde Capital” received the second place in the rating “The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey”. Nomination within the framework of the rating was “Ukraine: Analyst”. In the same year, the company became the leader in such a nomination as “The best sales-traders of Ukraine” – from the “Cbonds Awards for the CIS region” rating.

Also in 2017, “Concorde Capital” won the ranking “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS” in the All-Ukrainian Nomination – “Finance – Investment companies.” The organization of the rating belonged to the “Business” magazine and one of the leading PR agencies.

In order to make the results of the rating as clean as possible, the organizers approached the choice of the jury to full responsibility and seriousness. So, among the judges were reputable experts in the field of media and analytics. The winners were chosen based on the principle of occupying leadership positions in a particular area and the number of references to media companies. The selection of nominees was a closed process – voting was conducted on five factors in two directions (industry and functional).

These achievements are up-to-date. And for all the years of work, “Concorde Capital” has won a truly impressive number of awards; as too, incidentally, Igor Mazepa, who was recognized as the best manager of the Ukrainian stock market in 2007.

Twice – in 2009 and 2011 – “Concorde Capital” was rated first in the ranking, organized by the publishing house “Economy”. From the hundred firms that claimed to win, it was “Concorde Capital” that became the best investment bank.

All the numerous awards and achievements of “Concorde Capital” are, without a doubt, the results that Igor Mazepa was able to achieve, thanks to perseverance and tireless work. Probably that’s because Mazepa’s favorite sports are rowing and alpine skiing, while such activities require incredible endurance, willpower, an active lifestyle, and determination.

But Igor Mazepa is not going to stop. The scale of “Concorde Capital” continues to grow, conquering new horizons and overcoming all new heights. Starting on such a scale, there is no doubt that the company, as well as its founder and CEO Igor Mazepa, will have repeated recognition by authoritative individuals and organizations, not only at home but also at an international level.

However, things did not always go smoothly, because, in order to achieve such heights, Igor Mazepa had to struggle many times, rising up again and again.

The 2008 crisis significantly influenced “Concorde Capital”. It was necessary to take strict measures, even such as downsizing. Of the 200 employees working at that time in the young company, only half had remained.

That year was not an easy one for the company, as Igor Mazepa remembers. Both the company and its employees experienced difficult times: The staff was reduced, and whole departments were closed. Despisers even said that a part of the company was sold, but those were just rumors. No matter how hard it became, it was necessary to rise and go forward. Moreover, the company was not in a “debt hole”, and the reduction of staff, according to Igor Mazepa, was a necessary measure.

In any case, the company “Concorde Capital” survived those difficult times: The company still managed to stay floating, continuing to work as if nothing had happened, growing in scale, conquering all new heights and new achievements.

Awards and Achievements

The professional and social activities of Igor Mazepa were appreciated and received a number of awards.

For many years now, the company “Concorde Capital”, headed by Igor Mazepa, occupies a leading position in the ranking of the best investment companies in the country, according to the major international news agency “Thomson Reuters”.

The 2006-2007 year. “Concorde Capital”, under the direction of Igor Mazepa, is the winner in the nomination “The Largest Investment Bank in Ukraine”, according to the Guard corporate brands. Nominations initiated the influential edition of “Contracts”. To participate in the Guards rating, a company must have the necessary qualification criteria – have open financial information, work in the market for at least two years, offer products and services that are popular with consumers, and also have a clear corporate brand.

The 2007 year. The publishing house “Economy” recognizes Igor Mazepa as the best manager of the country’s stock market. In the same year, “Concorde Capital” won the nomination “The Best Eastern European Study in Ukraine.” The first place in the rating was received by a colleague of Igor Mazepa – the chief analyst of “Concorde Capital”, Alexander Parashchy. The rating was formed through a survey of representatives of international investment funds and public corporations.

The 2007 year can be declared a successful one for “Concorde Capital” and Igor Mazepa in particular, since this year the company won another very important victory – the first place in the nomination “The Best Ukrainian M & A Deal” according to the large independent international conference “Adam Smith”.

The 2008 year continues a line of achievements and victories. “Concorde Capital”, headed by Igor Mazepa, was recognized as the leader of the Ukrainian brokerage market according to the rating of “The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey”.

The 2009 year was remembered by another recognition from the magazine “Economy”. This time the company was ranked first in the TOP-100 rating as the best investment bank. The same award “Concorde Capital” received in 2011, securing a leading position in the market. The magazine “Economics” is a publication that specializes in various rating studies of companies on financial indicators. Such areas as net income, net profit, export, and import are subjects upon evaluation.

The 2016 year was memorable for Igor Mazepa by the victory of the company “Concorde Capital” in the rating “Thomson Reuters Extel Survey” in the nomination “Ukraine: Analyst” (“Ukraine: Country Research”). The company earned the first place in the rating, and in addition, individual experts from “Concorde Capital” were awarded: Eurobonds traders Alexander Kushnir and Marina Martirosyan, and Alexander Parashchy, chief analyst at “Concorde Capital”. They took the first three positions in the ranking. It is sure to say that all the leading positions in the rating were taken by “Concorde Capital” or its representatives, which indicates significant achievements of Igor Mazepa as a manager.

In the same year, the company under the leadership of Igor Mazepa won the first place in the nomination “Cbonds Awards CIS – 2016” as “The best sales-trader in the Ukrainian market”. The company also took second place in the nominations “The Best Investment Bank of Ukraine” and “The Best Analyst on the Financial Markets of Ukraine”.

The 2017 year was also not without victories and awards. The “Thomson Reuters Extel Survey” rating from “The Thomson Reuters” media company noted the achievements of “Concorde Capital” and awarded the brainchild of Igor Mazepa with second place in “Ukraine: Analyst” nomination. And in the same year, the company won another victory in the “Cbonds Awards CIS – 2017” in the nomination “The best sales-trader in the Ukrainian market”. But Igor Mazepa did not limit himself to this victory of his brainchild – the company also took second place in the nominations “Best Investment Bank of Ukraine” and “Best Analyst in Financial Markets of Ukraine”.

But the most important event for “Concorde Capital” was in the other issue – the company for the first time in its history won the nomination “Finance – Investment Companies” of the All-Ukrainian rating “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS”. Why is this victory so important? The founders of the project “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS” are the two oldest respected Ukrainian companies – the business publication “Business” and “PR-Service” agency. The objective of the project is to identify national companies that have achieved maximum results in the management of corporate reputation. To get independent and unbiased results of the rating, experts from different directions were invited to the project jury. Among them were leading media experts and analysts. During the selection of nominees, the company’s leadership in the relevant industries was taken into account, as well as the quantity and quality of references to the company in the media. Voting was closed, in total there were five criteria in two groups of nominations – sectoral and functional.

Igor Mazepa is proud of his achievements not only in the professional sphere. The company “Concorde Capital”, not for the first year, supports the Ukrainian national rowing team. And they are achieving great successes too.

Social work

Rowing and alpine skiing are the favorite activities of Igor Mazepa and occupy an important place in the businessman’s life. Despite the fact that Igor Mazepa is very busy, he devotes as much of his free time to his hobby as possible.

Moreover, Igor Mazepa, together with “Concorde Capital”, has been supporting the Ukrainian rowing team for many years.

An interesting fact – “Concorde Capital” has its own rowing club, whose team took second place in the competitions that took place in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in 2016. And the founder and CEO of the company, Igor Mazepa, did not stand aside, watching the team, but was directly involved in the competitions, competing for victory in the rowings of the Prince Albert II Cup.

One of the team members at “Concorde Capital” is Diana Dymchenko. In 2017, the Ukrainian woman won the single-type rowing World Rowing Championship in France, the city of Thonon, returning home with a gold medal. The rowing team at “Concorde Capital” really consists of professionals, especially considering that Diana’s competitors in Thonon were two previous world champions.

Private life and life position

Igor Mazepa tries not to put his personal life on public display and rarely comments on its details for the media. According to unconfirmed reports, Igor Mazepa is not married. He has a child from his first marriage with Tatyana Zdanevich (the child lives with his mother).

About money

The vital position of Igor Mazepa is very curious. In an interview, Mazepa told that he no longer treats money as a measure of life, but uses it as a tool. Although at the beginning of his career, everything was different – Igor Mazepa dreamed about purchasing his own apartment and other benefits. Time put everything in its place – now his work and the team that he managed to assemble has greater value. Mazepa often says that real wealth is not money, but an experience that can be gained during life, as well as the enjoyment of the obtained results and communication with people. Igor Mazepa sees his mission in realizing himself as much as possible – both as an entrepreneur and as an individual.

About work

Igor Mazepa considers himself to be a hardworking person and constantly repeats that he prefers to deal with only such people, both as an employee of his company and as a partner. Mazepa believes that it is impossible to achieve success without hard work, with rare exceptions, when money falls into someone’s hands by chance. But in the following case, such “easy” money, as a rule, does not linger, because a person who has received wealth not because of work, but because of luck, quickly wastes it. But having earned capital through daily work, a person begins to appreciate each penny. But at the same time, Mazepa does not like workaholics, considering that these people spend a lot of time in the service aimlessly. The real winners, according to the head of “Concorde Capital”, are the so-called victory people, people who can combine reasonable diligence and creativity. Igor Mazepa sets up his subordinates in a similar way – if there is a need to work until night and it will be useful – everyone works, and if there is no need for this and everything can be done in less time – then you can relax a little.

About time management

The tight schedule of Igor Mazepa makes us think about the philosophical question – how is everything done in time? In fact, the secret of Igor Mazepa is to respect people and do not keep them waiting.

About the achievements of the country

In an interview with the Business newspaper in March 2017, the CEO of “Concorde Capital” declared that he considers the main achievement for Ukraine to sign an agreement on a free trade zone with the European Union. According to Mazepa, this step will open up huge opportunities and new sales markets for Ukrainian business.

About investment

In an interview with Novoye Vremya, the CEO of “Concorde Capital” shared his opinion on how to get new investments for the state. Igor Mazepa believes that cardinal land reform and privatization can attract foreign investors. If such steps are taken, investors will come to Ukraine in just a few months.

About responsibility

Igor Mazepa believes that total infantilism is inherent in Ukrainian society, and it needs to be urgently eradicated. Many other problems will go along with it. Mazepa assures that among the compatriots lives the “Soviet” myth of a good state, which, if something happens, will always come to rescue and solve all problems. And if the state does not help, people will blame anyone (Social Services, President, Government etc.), but not a specific person. According to the head of “Concorde Capital”, such belief destroys, does not allow the society to be responsible, and nurtures critics and whiners.

About presumptions

Igor Mazepa is known as a good forecaster. Many people, including journalists, are often interested in his opinion on the further development of events in the country, asking in which areas it will be better to invest. In a recent interview with the Novoye Vremya magazine, Igor Mazepa said that energy preservation, medicine, and education are areas that investors should pay attention to. There is little competition, and the need for change is huge.

About corruption

Igor Mazepa does not see real change in the country in terms of corruption. Moreover, he considers it is a part of Ukrainian culture. Despite the police reform, Igor Mazepa argues that people who are accustomed to unlawful actions will always find the way. Corruption in Ukraine, in the opinion of the “Concorde Capital” CEO, not only did not disappear but, on the contrary, are considering new forms. He sees all the reasons that people did not become richer, wages did not grow, and the business did not solve its problems, only earned new ones.

About judicial reform

According to Igor Mazepa, judicial reform should be one of the most important areas in Ukraine, since it will solve many problems at once. In addition, it will improve the country’s investment climate – a business convinced that something is not going right should know that by appealing to Ukrainian court, he will receive a transparent and honest investigation into the course of affairs.

Igor Mazepa often acts as a newsmaker or expert in the Ukrainian media. He is often asked to analyze the situation or make a forecast. Mazepa even allocates a separate editorial for his thoughts. Such attention from the side of journalists expresses that Mazepa is a professional and an expert in many areas, and also that media and the public trust him, which is not easy to achieve in modern Ukrainian media.

Igor Mazepa is not very active on social networks, despite the fashion on personal blogs. Although the CEO has Facebook and Twitter pages, he doesn’t often entertain subscribers with posts or personal photos.

Personal qualities

How did Igor Mazepa achieve such heights? The answer to this question is, of course, in the diligence of the businessman, his active life position and the desire to develop every day.

Igor Alexandrovich is a remarkable manager, which, by the way, is marked not only by ratings but also by subordinates themselves. For good working performance Mazepa generously rewards employees of his company. However, in return, the businessman wants to get the same reaction. ​​In people, Igor Mazepa values responsibility, attentiveness, initiative, and a competent approach to business. Put simply, all those qualities that he possesses himself. Perhaps someone will find this a tough strategy, however, in order to reach heights, such characteristics are catastrophically important.

Igor Mazepa devotes a lot of time to the team development, which is confirmed not by words but by deeds. Since the inception of “Concorde Capital”, the CEO has established a rule for trainings on personal growth and leadership qualities which must be conducted regularly. Within the development program, each participant can get to know his inner “I”, go beyond the stereotypes or the framework imposed by society, learn to achieve the goals in any case.

At “Concorde Capital”, there are usually several classes a month, and the trainings themselves take place outside of the city. While improving and completing tasks, the employees understand that nothing is impossible. Igor Mazepa did not stand behind the team, he actively takes part in trainings alongside his colleagues.

Igor Mazepa not only participates in trainings with his team but, if he has some free time, does not object to lecturing at the event. For example, Igor Mazepa once lectured for Kiev students, telling young people about leadership qualities and secrets of achieving success.

Mazepa loves to travel. Among the favorites of Igor Mazepa are countries such as Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala – that is, “unusual” territories for tourists. The businessman is sure that traveling is an investment in personality. It is difficult to argue with this statement, after all, it is true that, by going around countries and cities, the horizons are expanding significantly.

Another quality, confirming the extraordinary personality of Igor Mazepa, is revealed in his desire to give unusual gifts, but also useful ones. On one hand, Mazepa believes that the gift should be practical, but on the other hand, the gift should be remembered by a person for a long time.

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