Belovolov Alexander





Date of birth: 11 January 1962

Place of birth: S. Murafa, Kharkivska region

Marital status: Withelastic Tatiana (1963) has two sons — Dmitry and Alexander.

Education: In 1985 graduated from the Kharkov medical Institute- “cardiologist”. In 1996. graduated from National legal Academy. Yaroslav the wise – the faculty of law.In 1999 he received education in the National pharmaceutical University.



Business and political activity


From 1997 to 2000 he headed the State joint stock company “LKI of Ukraine”.

Political activities Belovolov began in 2000 when it went on the list of United Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada.

In 2002, once passed in Parliament.

In 2003 Belovolov became the first Deputy Minister of health of Ukraine.

In 2009 holds a post of the chief state sanitary doctor.

In 2006 he took part in the parliamentary election campaign, the Parliament wanted to get on the list “Bloc Litvin”, but this political force has failed miserably in the elections.

In 2012 Belovolov also participated in the parliamentary elections, but this time decided to join a fairly strong Party of regions and he the third time became the people’s representatives. In parallel with the political activity goes to work in the Kharkov medical University, Department of internal medicine and clinical pharmacology, where he held the post of Professor at Department.

From 27.11.2014 – the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation – MP.




January 16, 2014 voted for “dictatorial laws” – a package of anti-democratic laws that significantly restricted the rights of citizens and freedom of speech.

During his parliamentary tenure three times changed faction, so for the first time in 2002 he joined the faction “United Ukraine”, then in a few months changed it to – SDPU(o), and in early 2003 moved to a faction of the popular Party.

The first major scandal that touched Alexander Belovolov, occurred in 2009, when in the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions from vaccination died three baby. As a result, vaccination was begun to give parents, while the Ministry of health claimed that the deaths of infants vaccination is irrelevant.

The second scandal occurred in 2009, when Ukraine has stirred up came the H1N1 flu virus, while Belovolov held the position of chief health officer, and his duties included the function of calming the community, as well as the speedy shipping to the country of the vaccine. But in this situation Belovolov showed himself a very bad hand, his actions were not always coordinated with the Ministry of health, very often contradicted the statements of other doctors.


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