Trump has accused Google of colluding with Hillary Clinton


Google replied that such accusations are a misunderstanding of how the algorithms autocomplete
The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump has accused the search engine Google to filter bad news about his rival, Hillary Clinton, running for the Democratic nomination.
“According to a survey by Google, we are two points in the country. This is despite the fact that the search engine Google did not miss the bad news about Hillary Clinton. How do you mean?” said trump, speaking to supporters in Wisconsin.
Speech, apparently, goes on the theory that the AutoFill function on Google offers a more appreciative vocabulary when asking about Clinton. For the first time this theory appeared in the summer of this year on SourceFed website.
The authors of the investigation say that the autocomplete feature of a search query in Google gives compliments Clinton and insults trump. According to them, the suggested search words to Google for candidates for US President differ substantially from data of other search sites.
Representatives of the Internet companies deny these allegations, emphasizing that it does not interfere in the algorithm of the search site.
“AutoFill Google does not give preference to any candidate or ideology. Such statements involve a simple misunderstanding of how the autocomplete works. Our algorithm autocomplete will not show the predicted request if it is offensive or derogatory in combination with the name of the person”, – said in response to the company.
Meanwhile, earlier this week, Clinton bypassed the trump number of search queries in Google in the first round of televised debates. In all 50 States interest in the former U.S. Secretary of state was higher than the multi-billionaire, on average, Clinton appeared in 60% of the queries.
Recall that the first polls conducted after the televised debate of candidates in US presidents, was published on Wednesday – they show a small lead of Hillary Clinton.
According to the public surveys aggregator FiveThirtyEight, the probability of a Clinton victory in the presidential elections currently stands at 58%, trump’s 42%.

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