The judges complained to the detectives NAB – NACP has made prescription Sytnik


The national Agency for prevention of corruption has made the instruction to the Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik for failure to comply with the legal requirements of the Agency officials of the Bureau.

About it reports a press-service of the NACP 5 June.

The Agency noted that it had received statements of lawyers in the interests of judges of District administrative court of Kyiv, which reported on a possible violation of a detective NAB by panajotovym E. A. and head of the Main division detectives Kaluzinski A.V. requirements established by article 28 of the law “On prevention of corruption”, for the prevention and settlement of conflict of interests.

In the statements reported to the detective Bureau at the direction of his head began pre-judicial investigation in criminal proceedings regarding judges of District administrative court of Kyiv.

According to the applicants, the detectives acted in conflict of interest as guided by personal motives, namely the fact that a judge of the District administrative court of Kyiv refused to provide information requests NEB.

According to the judges, detectives wanted to push judges to achieve more loyal to their positions for cooperation with the National Bureau.

In NACP note that to confirm or refute the existence of the circumstances referred to in their statements, the lawyers repeatedly appealed to the NEB with requests for information and copies of documents to posts, office of the detective and his supervisor, their role in the pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings against judges.

“However, contrary to the provisions of the fourth paragraph of article 12 of this Law, authorized persons of the internal control Department National anti-corruption Bureau Osipchuk R. S. and Apatin N.. failed to comply with legal requirements of the National Agency and did not provide relevant information and documents,” according to NACP.

So the NACP introduces a prescription Sytnik, insists on obtaining documents and requires an internal investigation.

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