Six months of Prime Minister Groysman: the pros and cons


The Prime Minister won the trust of foreign partners, has introduced e-procurement and ensure the adoption of the budget. Experts: it is not enough of his team and understanding with Rada


Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said six months at his post. We will remind, even in the appointment, in April 2016, the official promised visible results after six months. “Today” has tested that the promise of managed premiere, and what else to work on.



Roads and priorities

According to experts, one of the advantages of Vladimir Groisman on the post of Prime Minister is its thrift. “He is diplomatic and able to negotiate, keep more intimate contact with businessmen, more often than his predecessors, visited by visits to the region,” says analyst Andrew Buzarov.

Agree with him and Vadim Karasev: “Groysman is paying more time on infrastructure issues, for example, now obsessed with road maintenance (to the end of the year promise to repair up to 2 thousand km of highways. — Ed.) and keep this question on personal control. This suggests that he is able to choose a priority and work on it, not to take on all at once.”


Investment and industry

Experts believe that Groysman — a man of action with a strong character. For six months he managed to push through the Parliament a bill on the deregulation of the drug market, to create “customs hundred” transfer all purchases Prozorro, work Office support of investment projects under the Cabinet of Ministers, and by the end of the month on his initiative must have earned the national Committee for the restoration industry in BP. “It shows that he understands — in order to boost the economy, you need to work on the revival of industry and care about the investors, — says Vadim Karasev. But if everything is working, change feel not soon.”


A reformer in the eyes of the West

Another merit of the Prime Minister — the favor to him, the Western partners. “After peremptory and drastic steps in the first month in his post he looks in their eyes as a determined reformer who is willing to cooperate. This once again proves the presence in the group of international advisers in the Cabinet of Leszek Balcerowicz and Ivan Miklos. And for Ukraine it is very important to have a Prime Minister who is respected and trusted in Europe”, — said Fesenko. Thus, according to him, Groisman avoids obedience to the demands of the West and trying to alleviate them (as a pension and land reforms).


Stability and budget in time

Maybe not the most prominent, but an important merit of the Prime Minister is his performance. “For example, this year for the first time in a long time, the draft budget was agreed and submitted to the Parliament on time (until September 15. — Ed.) and remained on the pit deputies (and was immediately withdrawn for revision). So the deputies had time to study it and read,” — said Karasev. Also of fulfilled promises political scientists call the growth of GDP: according to the state statistics service, GDP in the second quarter compared with the first rose 0.6%, as compared to the same period last year by 1.3%.



Unclear image

Among the disadvantages of the Prime Minister political scientists call an indefinite politician’s image in the eyes of Ukrainians. “Despite the fact that he had six months of work, taking difficult decisions, he never did yet get rid of the role of “the person of the President.” And everything he does, the public evaluates through the prism of the guarantor, and sometimes it plays at hand,” says analyst Andrew Buzarov. According to him, the unpopular but necessary reforms and decision loans also do not add Groisman rating in the eyes of the public: “He is a hostage of the economic situation in the country,” says Buzarov.


Weak support in Parliament

One of the shortcomings of the work of the Prime Minister also referred to his weak communication with the Parliament. “Due to problems with the formation of the parliamentary majority he developed to carry out difficult bills through Parliament. Ideally, the Prime Minister needs its own political force, as it was with its predecessors, which will collect the voices and lobby for the promotion of the necessary reforms. And Groysman is a party to a foreign party, but which seeks to be politically distinctive. However, without additional support and tools it is very difficult to implement,” said political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko.


Unrealized medifarma

With regard to the most problematic areas of influence Groisman, among them experts name the Ministry of health. “It was there for six months no full-fledged head of the Department, it has only recently been acting Suprun. To be honest, madrepora today, failed, there is no end,” — said political analyst Vadim Karasev.

However, according to his colleagues Vladimir Fesenko, the Ministry of health has traditionally been one of the most problematic ministries, nothing new happens: “It was problematic and in the past the premiere, but last time there were constantly changing the team.”


While there is no breakthrough

Very controversial, according to experts, is a neat tactic, as a leader. Indeed, many of the ratings showed that the pace of reforms in Ukraine for the last six months significantly decreased. “A radical breakthrough from the government no, what is happening now, is small steps toward a possible outcome. There are many applications for success, but so far that growth of real income of the population, secblock poorly worked out”, — said Karasev. But, according to Fesenko, this style of management would be a plus. “But he was able to keep the situation under control and without problems and conflicts to go through the starting period of his Premiership”.


Source: Today

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