Offshore aviation business Director of “Roshen” partner – Poroshenko


Ukrainian airline “Business Airlines” owned by the business partner of the President of Ukraine Sergey Zaitsev is controlled through an offshore company, carries out prohibited the flight in Russia and does not pay taxes in Ukraine.

This is stated in the investigation Slidstvo.Info.


At the disposal of the investigators got the flash drive with the files on the activities of the Ukrainian airline “Business Airlines”, which was given them by an unnamed source.


So, the reporters found that the airline “Business Airlines”, which provides services and Charter flights, is designed for the company Intraco Management Limited. Thanks to a massive leak of documents by the Panamanian Registrar of offshore Mossack & Fonseca, earlier it became known that the owner of this company is the Deputy of the General Director of Corporation “Roshen”, Sergei Zaitsev.


The files indicate that regular customers of the airline was as Poroshenko himself and his friend and business partner Ihor Kononenko. There are even some personal documents such as copy of passport of the wife of Igor Kononenko or contract for the residence of his daughter at a Swiss boarding. According to one of the files among the company’s customers also include the name of Yushchenko, Kluyev, Azarov, Katsuba, Levochkin, Bogatyreva, Chernivtsi, Watermelons, Leps, Kalinin and Salamatin.


In accordance with another file called “Aviasalon”, the company Intraco Management Limited received on Bank account for air travel in 2009 to 2011 of 15 million 262 thousand euros, however, according to the investigation, despite the fact that airfreight services have some Ukrainian businessmen other, including domestic flights, the money in Ukraine don’t even come. They go from one offshore account to another.


More than 400 thousand Euro offshore Intraco received from offshore Nyland Union. The latter have scandalous businessmen are Vasyl Khmelnytsky and Andriy Ivanov. 19 thousand euros received from virgin Macon Assets Limited associated with the Odessa mayor Gennady Trukhanov. More than 90 thousand euros paid for the flights Newport offshore Management Limited, which is lit up in numerous businesses the Surkis brothers.


The investigation also refers to the story of the purchase by the company of aviation fuel at Russian subsidiary of the Russian “Gazprom” “Gazpromneft-AERO Sheremetyevo”. According to the customs database, Import Genius, stated in the investigation, Intraco Management bought in October 2014, the year in fact, thousands of tons of aviation fuel.


According to the journalist Slidstvo.Info Dmitry gnap, the company still carries out flights from Kiev to Moscow via Belarus.

“Private aircraft departs from Kiev and sits in airport Gomel, and local guards come to the plane and put a stamp on crossing the border of Belarus. Then the plane flight Gomel – Moscow goes not formally violating the restrictions “, – said in the story.

One of the defendants in the investigation, the Deputy BPP Kononenko has already denied any involvement in the company Intraco Management Ltd, and this time declined to comment.


Earlier, the owner of the offshore company Intraco Zaitsev claimed that the company never provided services to President Poroshenko and did not buy fuel in Russia, and only twice made the plane in Moscow in “Gazpromneft-Aero Sheremetyevo” because of other companies there.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda

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